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Stranger Things personality test: discover our quiz

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Season 4 of Stranger Things turns out to be the season of maturity, with a much darker and more horrific atmosphere than before, in the town of Hawkins. Today we invite you to focus on this series followed by many French people (including us, at the editorial office), in order to ask a question that can be important: which character would you be closest to in reality? Mike? Dustin? You will find out.

Stranger Things personality test: discover our quiz

Season 4 of Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things takes us into the horror that lives the inhabitants of Hawkins, convinced that Evil with a capital “M”, à namely the Devil, took possession of the town of Hawkins.This season has been a great success so far, and it's to be expected. This title gave us an idea. Why not give yourself a personality test, which will reveal which character would have been your best friend? your most faithful friend in reality ? Are you closer to Mike or Dustin? The answer is below.

Stranger Things personality test: discover our quiz

After all, everyStranger Things fan has their favorite character, ranging from Mike to Mike. From Dustin to Eleven and Steve, the ideal babysitter. Hopper and Joyce, they too, are very endearing characters, who have proven to us that they can more than once that the show would not be the same without them. But then, which character, among the multitude of those presented inStranger Things, would be your best friend in reality? ? Which one would you have made with? the 400 shots? Dustin? Mike? We have a few questions for you ask yourself to try to find out.

Personality test Stranger Things: Discover our quiz to find out which character are you

Without further ado, we invite you to takeour brand new personality testto find out who the character isStranger Things that you would have taken as your best friend in reality. If you're ready, here you go!

So, which character did you get?We'll let you answer the questions. this question via our comments area! And if you want to learn more about Vecna, the bad character of this season, you can consult our previous file on the subject.

What was the Stranger Things series initially supposed to be called?

Yes, Strangers Things was not the intended name ;originally seen for the Netflix series. Indeed, the Duffer brothers initially wanted to name their series Montauk. Why this name? To refer to the city in which the story of the series was to take place. The town of Montauk, in the United States, had been chosen to host the filming of Stranger Things, but the very harsh weather in winter in this city forced us to adapt. filming at head towards the town of Hawking. Note that the choice of Montauk was mainly explained because this city would have been the location of government experiments on time travel, according to some persistent rumors. And if the series is not called Hawkins, it's because the Duffer brothers preferred to play Hawkins. emphasize the strange phenomena that happen to the characters in the town of Hawkins rather than its name.

Is Stranger Things inspired? of a true story?

As mentioned above, the Netflix series Stranger Things could well be inspired by real events. Indeed, the experiments carried out in a government laboratory in season 1 would be inspired by the MKUltra military program, set up by the CIAin the 1950s. This secret program would have aimed to carry out experiments on mind control, the sixth sense, telepathy, but also psychological warfare . Among the methods used during the experiments, the massive intake of LSD would have been the most effective. one of the most practiced, with a view to seeing if the drug could have a truth serum effect. These experiences would have been carried out on people incapable of rebelling, such as people with mental illnesses, drug addicts or prisoners. 

What is the creepiest season of Stranger Things?

Fans seem unanimous in saying thatseason 4 of Stranger Thingsis by far the scariest. And for good reason, it pays homage to horror films. And there is no shortage of references to horror classics throughout the episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things. We can notably citeCarriewhich we guess when Eleven becomes the sufferer of her school friends. When Nancy and Robin go to asylum to meet Victor Creel, it's impossible not to think back to; the scene from Silence of the Lambs where Clarice Starling visits Reading for the first time. And how can we not compare Vecna, in Stranger Things, to; Pinehead, in Hellraiser. Freddy's trademark is also widely present throughout season 4 of Stranger Things, not only through the presence of Robert Englund in the cast, but also through the presence of Robert Englund in the cast. also by the similarity between Freddy's glove and Vecna's hooked fingers with sharp claws. Finally, the last episode of season 4, brings back the inevitable Ca, including the balloons which become blood bombs, when Max finds himself thrown into the air. in the prom hall, in full hallucination.

Stranger Things personality test: discover our quiz

What is the most powerful monster in Stranger Things?

Demogorgon, the Spider Monster, the spirit Flayer, Demogogs, we can no longer count the monsters in the Netflix series Stranger Things. However, if we had to choose only one, it would obviously be Vecna. This former human having mutated into is by far the most powerful and scariest monster in the Netflix series. We discovered in season 4 that Vecna ​​was pulling all the strings from the start, which contributes to the situation. his legend and confirms his title of worst monster in the series.

Who created Vecna?

Originally, Vecna ​​was born; in 1947 under the name Henry Creel. Henry has possessed supernatural powers from a very young age. Powers that allow him to read people's minds and kill them by using their worst memories against them. Henry will also use his powers to kill his mother and his sister and have his father indicted. Interested by Henry's powers, Doctor Brenner will bring him to the Hawkins National Laboratory and rename him 001. Brenner will enslave 001 by implanting Soteria, an inhibitor chip. Chip that he will be removed by Eleven before massacring all the other guinea pigs in the laboratory. Project in the World upside down during a fight against Eleven, Henry will gradually become Vecna. It's up to you from that moment on that Henry, now Vecna, will increase his murders and become the most powerful monster in Stranger Things

Comment Vecna ​​chooses her victims?

Vecna ​​would not choose her victims at random. Inepisode 7 of season 4 ofStranger Things, Henry Creel, not yet transformed, in Vecna, explains to Eleven that his victims remain within him. And we know that Vecna ​​mainly attacks adolescents who have had trauma. The choice of victims is therefore made in the first place in relation to; their past, which must have suffered an emotional shock, but also by their age. Indeed, by tackling teenagers, who are also traumatized, Vecna ​​ensures that it has a stronger hold on its victims. Vecna ​​is therefore not a killer without motive, he attacks; his victims, carefully chosen, in order to multiply his powers by appropriating their misfortunes and memories.

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