Storm helped scientists find traces of “British Atlantis”

Storm helped scientists find traces of “British Atlantis”

A hurricane swept over the UK and helped find a fossilized forest underwater in Cardigan Bay, traces of “British Atlantis”. Trees washed ashore after a storm in August at Llanrichstad Beach.

Storm helped scientists find traces of

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Scientists from the University of Aberystwyth believe that the trees are over 4,500 years old, with some of them even older. This assumption can be proved only by means of special analyzes in order to determine the exact age parameters. The stone forest is located near the small town of Dlanrichstud. Historian Gerald Morgan spoke about the find. Previously, fossilized trees were found on the coast of Wales, but no one could understand their original location. The storm helped scientists determine the place where there is a significant amount of data from the trunks that make up a forest area previously unknown to science.

The find points to an ancient legend, Dr. Hywel Griffiths said. It has been known since the 17th century, it is about the sunken “British Atlantis” of Wales. According to the myth, the kingdom swallowed up the sea after the incident when the guardian of the naval defense named Seytenin did not close the gate, which caused the death of a compact civilization.

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