Stories appeared in Telegram

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Stories have appeared in Telegram

Illustrative photo from open sources

Telegram  has released an update that launched the Stories format. While the feature is only available to Premium users, you need to update the app on the AppStore and Google Play.

A button to record Stories will appear next to the "Write a message" label. It has dual-camera shooting mode available, stories can currently be posted on your own behalf, but not on behalf of channels.

Stories have appeared in Telegram

It was also reported that a new format of embedded advertising may appear within Stories. It will allow you to use a picture, text and a link that can lead to an external resource. To do this, they will add tracking of conversions based on advertising links.

Telegram founder Pavlo Durov announced the launch of Stories at the end of June. Users will be able to post and edit photos and videos, caption them, and tag other people. Stories over chats will be displayed.

Earlier BAGNET reported that Telegram allowed to open accounts without a SIM card. 

Prepared by Serhiy Daga