Stores plan to abandon plastic bags

Stores plan to abandon plastic bags

Stores plan to abandon plastic bags

The business has formed proposals to reduce waste that cannot be recycled and ends up in landfills. The companies asked the authorities to prepare trade guidelines that would allow chains to phase out plastic bags that are sold to customers or given out for free. Including in favor of biodegradable ones, Izvestia writes with reference to the documents of the Ministry of Economic Development. The department sent to the government apparatus a protocol of August 21 following a meeting of a working group on the preparation of a concept for improving the institution of extended producer responsibility. This concept will be approved by the end of the year, the main purpose of the document is to reduce waste entering landfills and create a system for its processing.

The minutes of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade notes that the recommendations will say when and how the networks will introduce new types of packages into circulation, as well as the ratio of non-recyclable (or difficult to recycle) and recyclable packaging.

Plastic, plastic bags are classified as difficult to recycle waste. There is also a package of so-called oxo-degradable polymers – a special substance is added to them that accelerates the decomposition of plastic. The safety of this material is still controversial.

According to experts, this is a reasonable decision – to put into circulation packaging made of recyclable materials, the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development said.

Alexander Borisov, Chairman of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Development of the Consumer Market, reminded Izvestia that retail chains all over the world are trying to gradually move away from plastic bags. Although such a transformation in the Russian Federation will face serious difficulties: so far the country does not have the necessary amount of materials for the production of recyclable packaging. But there are already examples of complete or partial rejection of plastic bags in retail chains. According to Borisov's estimates, a full transition to recyclable bags can occur within 10 years.

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