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Stores abandon checkouts self-service

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Canadian Tire in North Bay has chosen to remove self-service checkouts and add cashiers.

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Nearly 10 years after self-checkouts became ubiquitous at big box stores and even smaller stores, some Canadian Tire locations in Ontario, as well as a few Walmart stores in the United States and a British grocery chain , have chosen to withdraw them.

This is particularly the case of Canadian Tire in North Bay.

Dwayne Ouellet, who took over the store last year, removed the self-checkouts in July.

I'm not in “I'm comfortable with using them and I think some of my clients aren't comfortable either,” he said.

M . Ouellet thus brought back more employees behind the cash registers.

I prefer that my customers can see my cashiers and that if they have questions or problems, at least they have someone to talk to.

A quote from Dwayne Ouellet, owner of the Canadian Tire store in North Bay

Brooke Shogren, who works at this store, is happy with this change made by her boss.

A lot of people have said it's taking away our jobs and I agree with them, she said. Personally, I like being face to face with the world.

A feeling shared by several customers met in North Bay, who also say they prefer traditional checkouts and only use self-checkouts if they have no choice.

A Canadian Tire branch in Mississauga also recently eliminated self-service checkouts.

The store manager told CBC the decision was made due to thefts and customer preferences.

A decision that is not unanimous, according to reactions collected by CBC outside the store.

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There is no longer a self-service checkout at this Canadian Tire, a decision that disappoints some customers.

Junaid Chaudhry deplores the loss of self-service. It’s faster, he says. You don't need to wait in line with other customers.

Claudette McKay, on the contrary, believes that the queue moves rather quickly, and believes the removal of self-checkouts refocuses service around customers.

The Retail Council of Canada says theft in stores is on the rise, but does not specifically associate theft with self-service checkouts.

None of the stores asked about this in July by CBC responded directly to the question.

Retailers, however, were more likely to respond for a study funded by the retail industry published in 2022.

It says that 93 retailers around the world estimate that up to 23% of their losses are due to theft and errors at self-checkouts.

In addition, according to a recent online survey of 2,000 Americans, 15% admitted to stealing merchandise from a self-checkout counter, and 21% left a store with an item they did not 'had accidentally not scanned the barcode.

In North Bay, Brooke Shogren says she witnessed theft at self-service checkouts.

A reality confirmed by store manager, Derek Shogren, who specifies, however, that the main reason for the withdrawal of these boxes is the implementation of a new queue system.

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At the Canadian Tire in North Bay, there is now only one queue leading to the checkouts.

He adds that Canadian Tire sells a lot of large merchandise, which doesn't really lend itself to self-service.

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Upon its adoption , self-checkout technology was seen as a way for retailers to reduce staff costs and speed up the purchasing process.

A new service that should in theory greatly improve the customer experience, explains retail consultant David Ian Gray, but self-checkouts have also become an irritant according to him.

Several people were unhappy when the first self-service checkouts arrived, having the impression that they were being asked to do the work of cashiers.

A quote from David Ian Gray, retail consultant

The consultant notes that in certain situations, for example if a customer makes an error, the intervention of an employee is necessary, thereby canceling the promise of a faster process.

Mr. Gray predicts that other stores will abandon self-checkouts.

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David Ian Gray does not think, however, that self-checkouts will disappear.

Some stores go in the opposite direction from the Canadian Tire in North Bay.

Walmart, which removed self-checkouts in three of its stores in Albuquerque, New Mexico, launched a pilot project in 2021 in Sainte- Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, where there are no cashiers.

Walmart has not provided an explanation for this Quebec store without a cashier or reasoning for the comeback of cashiers in Albuquerque.

A spokesperson, Joe Pennington, responded by email. We always seek to provide the best experience for our customers.

With information from CBC's Sophia Harris, Félix Hallée-Théoret and Philippe de Montigny

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