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A stolen taxi ends shopping in a shopping center in Regina

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The Cornwall Center shopping center suffered damage.


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The Regina Police Service says damage was caused to businesses by a woman who stole a taxi in the early hours of Saturday morning. The latter even drove the stolen taxi inside the Cornwall Center shopping center.

Photos obtained by CBC/Radio-Canada show broken glass and other damage to the mall's 11th Street gates and businesses on the lower level.

Police say the mall was one of three businesses that were damaged by the driver of the stolen vehicle.

Law enforcement say they received a report of a Co-op taxi theft in the North Central neighborhood just before 3 a.m.

Officers Police officers saw the stolen taxi a short time later and tried to stop it in vain.

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Shortly after 3 a.m., the vehicle crashed into a business on Broad Street.

Believing the vehicle was stopped, the officers attempted to approach it , but the driver fled.

The police then followed the car for around fifteen minutes, while it was driving slowly. The police even tried to use a spiked mat to stop the stolen taxi, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

A little after 3 a.m. 15, the car crashed into another business on Hamilton Street.

The driver then drove the seriously damaged taxi through the gates south of Cornwall Centre.

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Damage was caused to businesses within the Cornwall Center shopping centre.

She continued driving the car through the main level of the mall. The officers who were on foot attempted to approach her, but she drove the taxi through the north entrance of Cornwall Centre.

The taxi ended up hanging on the stairs and the 31-year-old driver was taken into police custody.

The owners of the damaged businesses have been contacted by police.

The mall said it will open on Saturday.

Police continue to investigate and charges against the driver have not yet been determined.

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