Steven Spielberg: the legendary director attacks Netflix and HBO Max very harshly

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A handful of filmmakers still and always resist the invader… While Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh and Quentin Tarantino rock the MCU in particular and superhero movies in general, Steven Spielberg , he is attacking streaming platforms. In a recent interview, he pushed a rant against the studios which broadcast the feature films of its colleagues directly online without going through the dark rooms, as well as on the promising success of Elvis. In short, the director of Jurassic Park is angry, we report his comments below!

Steven Spielberg: the legendary director takes it very hard on Netflix and HBO Max

A very upbeat director against Netflix, apple and HBO Max

À the occasion of the upcoming release of his film, The Fabelmans, our colleagues from New York Time< /strong> have published a long interview with Steven Spielberg. Scheduled for release in our French theaters on January 23, 2023, this slightly autobiographical film is inspired by the filmmaker's own youth, from his seventh to seventh birthday. his eighteen years. It tells the story of Sammy Fabelman, a young aspiring director, and how the power of the 7th Art can help him to succeed. perceive the truth about his dysfunctional family and those around him.

A very personal project, which is an opportunity for Steven Spielberg to return to the e ;evolution of streaming since the Covid-19 pandemic, and its impact on cinema.He criticizes the policy of Warner Bros, which released all of its 2021 films in parallel on the big screen and on HBO Max. He also salutes the success of Elvis, by Baz Luhrmann, which some 150 million dollars in the USA.

Steven Spielberg: The legendary director takes it very hard to Netflix and HBO Max

The rant against HBO Max

The pandé ;mie has created; an opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriptionsto record levels, but it also sacrificed, swung under the bus, a large part of my director friends, because their films could not be offered a cinema release, and that was done without ceremony. Once paid, their movies could be relegated to HBO Max, in the example I'm thinking of [not cited; by the director]. From that moment, it all started; to change.

Elvis, an encouraging success

I think the older audience was relieved to not have to walking on sticky popcorn. But I also believe that this same older audience, once installed, at the movies,feels that magic of experiencing a social event with a handful of strangers.It's an invigorating feeling, and it's at the films of Be good enough to make viewers want to talk about it once the lights come back on. […] I found; ça encouraging that Elvis passes the $100 million mark in domestic revenue. Lots of old people made the trip to see this movie, and it gave me a thrill. the hope that audiences would return to theaters once the pandemic hit. its end. I believe the movies will come back. I strongly believe in it.

Steven Spielberg: the legendary director takes it very hard to Netflix and HBO Maxa strong bias for the cinema

I made Pentagon Papers as a political film about our time, which was reflected in the Nixon administration, and we thought this parallel was important to us. show people, so that they understand what was happening in our country. If I had been offered it after the pandemic, I don't know if I could have chosen to do it for Netflix or Apple and have to do without millions of people who go to the cinema. Because this film was addressed to; them, to these millions of people, and we would not have succeeded in bring as many people into theaters to make that kind of difference. Things have changed, enough for me to tell you this.

Steven Spielberg showed up. very clear during this interview on his motivations to; making films and his dislike for streaming. The filmmaker will obviously not accept any project that is not intended for to movie theaters. What do you think of his opinion? this topic?