Stéphanie Frappart: who is the French, 4th referee of Mexico – Poland?

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Stéphanie Frappart: who is the Frenchwoman, 4th referee of Mexico - Poland?

FRAPPART. A moment in history, the French referee Stéphanie Frappart will be present for the first time in a World Cup match.

Present at the World Cup with Clément Turpin as central referee, Stéphanie Frappart was appointed to be the 4th referee for the Mexico-Poland match scheduled for 5 p.m. this Tuesday, November 22. For this match counting for group C, determining for qualification especially with Argentina in scarecrow in this group, it is an Australian who will have has heavy responsibility to arbitrate: Chris Beathe, accompanied by Also by Anton Schetinin and Ashley Beecham, assistant referees.


Biography St&éphanie Frappart. Stephanie Frappart was born on December 14, 1983 in Plessis-Bouchard, a town located in the Val-d'Oise in Ile-de-France.  If she started to play football at; AS Herblay, St  she had more professional prospects. If she officiates since 2003 in D1 feminine, it is only recently where she  the native of Plessis-Bouchard leads Ligue 1 matches. Recognized today as one of the best referees in the world, Stéphanie Frappart is one of three female referees who will officiate during a 2022 World Cup match (November 19 – December 18).

What is Stéphanie Frappart's salary?

In Ligue 1, each referee receives a fixed salary of around 6,500 euros according to L'Equipe, not to mention match-related bonuses depending on the level of the championship and the role of the team. arbitrator. In the elite, a central referee earns 3 029 euros gross of bonuses, an assistant 1 478€ and 1 000€ for a video assistant. In the second division, the match bonus is 1 583€ for the central referee and 711€ euros for his assistants. 

What are the major designations of St&éphanie Frappart?

Since the beginning of his career as a football referee, here are the major meetings where St phanie Frappart officiated; as a referee: 

  • 2003: first match of D1  Women Hénin-Beaumont – La Roche-sur-Yon
  • 2011: Final of the women's challenge Montpellier – Saint-Etienne
  • 2014: named best female referee at the UNFP trophies
  • 2014: first female referee direct a professional match (in Ligue 2)
  • 2015: Women's Football World Cup
  • 2016: women's football tournament at the Olympic Games in té
  • 2017: European Women's Football Championship
  • April 28, 2019: first woman to win referee a Ligue 1 match (Amiens-Strasbourg on matchday 34)
  • 2019: Women's World Cup final (United States – Netherlands)
  • 2019: UEFA Super Cup (Liverpool – Chelsea)
  • 2020: Nations League (Malta-Latvia)
  • 2020: Europa League (Leicester – Zorya Louhansk)
  • 2020: Champions League (Juventus – Dynamo Kiev)
  • 2021: Summer Olympics Women's Football Tournament
  • 2022: Women's Champions League (FC Barcelona – Real Madrid)
  • 2022 : French Cup (FC Nantes – OGC Nice)
  • 2022: French Cup world in Qatar

Stephanie Frappart and the 2022 World Cup

Since May 19, 2022, she has been one of 3 women selected as main referees in the final phase of the FIFA World Cup 2022 (November 19 – December 18). cember). She is the only European in this list which also includes 33 main male referees, including Frenchman Clément Turpin.