Steal and take apart for details: what cars were hunted by car thieves

Steal and take apart for details: what cars were hunted by car thieves

Stealing a car for subsequent disassembly for spare parts is one of the most common and profitable types of criminal business. Vehicles of any brand and class can be in the zone of interests of intruders. But most often stolen cars with a weak security system and are in great demand among the population.

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You can track the theft trends with regularly updated ratings most stolen cars.

According to statistics, the number of car thefts has seriously jumped since the beginning of the year. And, unfortunately, the tendency to increase thefts still continues.

1st place: Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV4

The “Japanese” took first place in the top of the most stolen cars. It was from the owners of these cars that insurance companies received the most claims for compensation for theft.

Such popularity of models among intruders is quite understandable. The Japanese brand is in great demand among the population. This means that criminals have ample opportunity to sell stolen cars.

The second reason for the increased number of Camry thefts is that the security system is not strong enough. The factory filling simply cannot withstand the modern technical means available to criminals. Open the door, get to the certification unit and reprogram the key – an experienced hijacker only needs a couple of minutes to do this.

The RAV4 crossover is also in high demand among attackers. The reason for the large number of car thefts is similar – the popularity of the model and the rather easy accessibility to electronic filling. To do this, just remove the bumper, disconnect the connector and connect to the CAN bus. And then, in a few minutes, deactivate the standard alarm system.

2nd place: Mazda 6 and CX9

A few years ago, Mazda 6 rounded out the top 10 most stolen cars. And as of 2022, it has moved to 2nd place in the ranking. The reasons for the increased interest on the part of crime are the popularity of the model, a large number of cars among the population. And the shortcomings of the standard security system: easy access to the diagnostic connector and the ability to reprogram the key.

If the owner is stingy with additional anti-theft equipment, then his vehicle becomes quite easy prey.

Mazda CX9 also took second place in popularity among cybercriminals. Experts believe that the increase in theft of this model provoked an increase in demand for components. As well as rather weak crossover protection.

3rd place: Mercedes AMG GLE 53 and S400

Two brainchildren of the Mercedes concern close the top three in the ranking of the most stolen cars for dismantling for parts. Experts attribute their entry into the top 3 to increased maintenance difficulties due to a lack of parts.

How to protect your car from theft

Experts recommend not limiting yourself to the regular protection system – as practice shows, hacking it is quite simple. They advise installing additional security systems and devices on the car in order to complicate the task of thieves.

In addition, you should listen to the advice of experts on how to protect your vehicle from being stolen:

1. Do not leave the car unattended in unguarded areas. Even if the thieves cannot steal it and leave it in place, you will find traces of their attempts to steal it. Scratches on the doors, a chipped front panel or stolen appliances – all this is unlikely to please you. In any case, you will have to spend money on repairs.

2. Always remove the keys from the ignition, even if you are away for a couple of minutes. Do not keep them together with the keychain on the same bundle.

3. Remove from the front panel anything that can provoke hijackers or ordinary thieves. Devices, wallets and purses – hide all this away or take it with you.

4. For more reliable protection of the car, install several different anti-theft systems and devices. Thus, you will complicate the task of auto-thieves: it will take more time to open. Accordingly, the risk of being caught in the act will increase.

5. Be vigilant with strangers. Do not pick up suspicious personalities, try not to engage in conversations. And if you decide to answer the question of a passerby, then do not open the door. Better lower the window a little.

6. Always turn off the engine and take the ignition keys with you. Even if it took a couple of minutes to leave.

7. Do not leave documents for the car in the cabin. Rewrite the data and always carry a sheet with you.