“STC Solutions” profit multiplier 22 times when subscribing at the highest price

September 5, 2021 by archyde

The chief investment officer of Mada’a Investment, Thamer Al-Saeed, said that if the price of STC Introducing Solutions To the higher end, the earnings multiple for the company’s share will be 22 times, and this is accepted by the market because the psychology of the traders is good.

The Saudi Arabian Internet and Communications Services Company “solutions by stc”, along with the financial advisors, HSBC Saudi Arabia, Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia, and Al-Ahly Financial Company, announced today, Sunday, the price range of the offering shares in its public offering and the start of a record-building period. Commands for organizations.

The price range for the offering shares was set from 136 Saudi riyals to 151 riyals per share.

Today, Sunday, the registration of applications for the participating categories “institutions” and the process of building a book of orders, which extends for 9 days until September 13, provided that the subscription for the offering period for individuals will be for a period of 3 days, starting on September 19 next.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, he added that there was no reservation from STC Solutions in the offer price, as the subscription is based on buying the demand for the future digital economy in the Kingdom.

He explained that the company has no counterpart in the local market, and some of its products have no counterpart in international markets, and therefore the offering numbers were built on a future plan by reading the company’s current numbers.

In the digital field, Al-Saeed said that if we take Al-Muammar Company as an example of technical companies in the Saudi market, we see that the company’s share has benefited from government programs, and the market evaluates it at prices even higher than the levels of the market itself.

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