State of people infected with coronavirus Anatoly Trushkin has deteriorated dramatically

The state of the domestic satirist Anatoly Trushkina, who recently contracted the coronavirus, has deteriorated sharply. Hospitalized 78-year-old writer 9 may and yet doctors are reluctant to transfer him out of ICU.

Состояние заразившегося коронавирусом Анатолия Трушкина резко ухудшилось

Information about the health of the cultural figure shared by his friend, the artist Nikas Safronov. According to the painter, the condition of the satirist as heavy. In the hospital a friend of the writer said that COVID-19 was struck by the patient’s lungs, and their occupancy of oxygen does not exceed 80%. However, breathing Trushkin independently, although he sometimes uses an oxygen mask. In addition, the satirist jumped up pressure.

Safronov pointed out that the coronavirus was picked up by friends of the writer, including his wife Natalya. However, they have the disease in a relatively mild form, according to “Source”. Spouse Trushkina takes antibiotics and has a low temperature, and prays for the recovery of her husband.

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