Started selling “antiamerica spray” against the abuse of video games

Started selling unusual spray manufacturers which have positioned it as “antigamente”. It is designed to protect people from the abuse of video games.

Стартовали продажи “антигеймерского спрея” против злоупотребления видеоиграми

The dissemination of relevant products, deals based in Canada online casino. Before the composition, then there are essential oils of patchouli and garlic, is also part of ground black salt, not without vinegar and essence of durian. It is known that the spray boasts a pungent odor, but it is unclear exactly how it needs to discourage gamers from sitting at the computer or console. Network jokingly suggested that perhaps that person will lay the joystick to deal with those who sprayed him in the face the composition.

Now book a bag, because the website contains the information that it ended. However, it is possible that its sale is generally not carried out, and this is just an attempt to attract attention.

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