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Star Wars: this game in development will appeal to fans of the genre

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

Star Wars and video games is a story that is not new! We know that Ubisoft will soon offer Star Wars Outlaws and that Disney wants the franchise's video game universe to grow. Proof of this is with this Star Wars game project of a cult license in its field which would be in development.

Star Wars: this game in development will appeal to fans of the genre

Star Wars will return to this type of video game

After cinema, Star Wars has interfered in the world of video games. in the world of video games successfully, notably thanks to the SW Jedi series. Recently, Ubisoft announced the release of Star Wars Outlaws, an open world game which aims to be promisingand which attracts curiosity. fans. While Disney wishes to strengthen its offering in the video game field, we learned today that a new video game would be in development and would be an opportunity for the license to return to its former role. his first love.

Star Wars: this game in development will appeal to fans of the genre

Indeed, it is the site DualShockers which announces that Star Wars could reconnect with a style of video game which has experienced considerable popularity among fans of the genre a few years ago. If we tell you about Star Wars Galactic Battlegroundsit's the word strategy that immediately comes to mind. the mind. According to information from the American media, we learn that Creative Assembly at who we owe the license Total War is said to be working on three titles of this license, one of which would be dedicated to &àgrave; the imagined universe by George Lucas under official license.

Fans of the genre will still have to be patient

In recent years, the studio which belongs to Sega has had a difficult time with the failure of Total War: Pharaoh, the errors in its DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3 and the massive layoffs that occurred. last March. But Total War fans have been asking for a new release for a very long time. Creative Assembly to launch into a Star Wars game. The project is not new since in 2022, Tom Henderson from Insider Gamingalready had heard about the development of this game.

Star Wars: this game in development will appeal to fans of the genre

DualShockers specifies that the Star Wars game would be the second of three titles in development at Creative Assembly at go out. On the other hand, this is the only information we have at our disposal. the current time. Impossible to know when the game will be released but there is a good chance that it will be counted in years. Perhaps the studio will take advantage of Gamescom 2024 which will take place next August to reveal more to us.

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