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Star Wars The Acolyte: this incredible theory turns the Disney series upside down

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Episode 7 of the series The Acolyte introduced a concept from the depths of Star Wars mythology, which gave rise to an interesting theory among fans.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this incredible theory shakes up the Disney series

Warning, the following article contains SPOILERS about the plot of the seventh episode of The Acolyte series. If you haven't seen it yet, we strongly advise you to stop reading now.

Back to Brendok, 4 episodes of the acolyte later

The epilogue of Star Wars: The Acolyteapproach. The penultimate episode released this Wednesday was placed in mirroring episode 3, the flashback which lingered on the origin storytwins Mae and Osha. But this time, Leslyle Headland chose to place her story from the point of view of the Jedi and their fragility. The goal was to understand what really happened between the members of the Order and the clan of Brendok witches after the fire broke out 16 years ago on the forest planet.

But as usual, Disney opens up more questions than it meets expectations. So much so that a week before the grand finale, we seem a little lost. We note for example this link with The Phantom Menace so hammered home by the showrunnerand this inconsistency which has caused so much discussion around the presence of Sith in the middle of the High Republic. We expect what Disney responds to all our questions Wednesday July 17.

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Qimir and Sol, one and the same person?

In front of this bank of fog undoubtedly deliberately created by by Headland and his teams, the fans are trying to dissipate it by whatever means they can. Which very often gives rise to a myriad of more or less credible theories. Among them, the one spotted on Reddit which wants the Sith Qimir and the Jedi Master Sol to be one and the same person.

Behind this hypothesis Although this is initially staggering, there are certain arguments hidden that deserve to be heard. To support their point, Internet users make the connection withvergence, a sort of intense concentration of Forceintroduced in episode 7 which would make it possible to create life. We learn through the Jedi that she is at home. the origin of the creation of the twins, by the separation of one and the same consciousness into two very distinct bodies.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this incredible theory shakes up the Disney series

On the subreddit r/TheAcolyte, Internet users suggest that Sol could very well have done the same thing. He would have divided split his soul in response to the remorse he felt following his death. Mae's supposed death. “I agree with the idea that Sol uses Vergence to purge himself of his guilt and anger, thus creating his own twin”, notes for example an Internet user.

Furthermore, as the author of the theory notes, Sol was obsessed with with the idea of ​​having a Padawan, and Qimir is obsessed with it. by the idea of ​​having a student. Several of their interactions in Episode 6 were controversial. scrutinized, and the way in which they address each other the other seems disturbing. For example,Qimir seems surprised that Sol doesn't recognize him.On the other hand, some Internet users have noted that that Qamar means the moon in Arabic and Sol means the sun in Latin.

Star Wars The Acolyte: this incredible theory turns the Disney series upside down

If you will have to wait to watch the final episode of the Disney+ series in order to To see if the fanbase was right or not, Leslyle Headland obviously wanted to dig into the mythology of Star Wars and the mysteries of the immense power that the Force generates. Rest at see if she will succeed in bring your ideas to life.

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