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Star Wars The Acolyte: the creator defends her characters accused of lesbians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Faced with criticism from fans judging the series Star Wars: The Acolyte too woke, it's creator Leslye Headland's turn to ;to defend his project, quite annoyed by these very“reductive” comments.

Star Wars The Acolyte : the creator defends her characters accused of lesbians

Star Wars: The Acolyte, the series criticized from all sides

With four episodes already available out, Star Wars: The Acolytehas already unfolded half of its red thread. And the least we can say is that the plot advances at a rapid pace. nipples. The observation is particularly obvious in the last two episodes. One is an entire flashback that would have deserved more. to be shorter, when the last one stagnates with a long hike which ends with an interesting treat, but which arrives a little late. 

But this is not is not the only criticism made by fans of the series that attempts to stretch the lore of the galaxy far, far away. Several fans (or so-called fans) judge Leslye Headland's project too “woke”, in line with the previous series stamped with is Star Wars. Faced with criticism, Amandla Stenberg, the interpreter of the twins May and Osha, then carried out music with a video clipàgrave; on the occasion of Juneteenth, a national holiday in the United States symbolizing the emancipation of African-American slaves in the south of the country.

the creator of ;defends his series, considered too “woke”

Today, it's the turn of showrunner and creator Leslye Headland to speak out to defend her baby, and in particular the witches of Brendok (seen in episode 3 ), labeled as “lesbians”.

They live in a society matriarchal. As a gay woman, I knew that people would read that their sexuality was a problem. is homosexual, but there are no men in their community either. It was therefore natural that they would get closer to each other. I would say that it is very reductive to call them lesbians. I think this means you're not really paying attention to what's happening. the story » she explains at The Hollywood Reporter.

Star Wars The Acolyte: the creator defends her characters accused of lesbians

In fact, the showrunner made use of this community. of women whose access to men is prohibited to relaunch the Force as a creative power. Twins May and Osha were born created without a male figure, by the manipulation of the Force of the high priestess Aniseya and thanks to the womb of Koril. A plot that echoes The Phantom Menace and the great mystery of the creation of Anakin Skywalker. 

Leslye Headland who promised to bring his series closer to George Lucas' prelogy (if only by the highly criticized return, like a cameo, of the Jedi master Ki-Adi-Mundi >) exploits the potential of the force through new uses never before seen. A welcome idea the era of the High Republic.

Not sure that this is nevertheless enough to prevent this from happening. calm the ardor of Disney+ subscribers, who have addressed a scathing note to The Acolyte on specialized sites. In any case, we hope on our side that this will happen. that Disney will move to move up a gear in a rather intriguing second part.

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