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Star Wars The Acolyte episode 4: fans' incomprehension after the appearance of this Jedi

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

Disney chose to offer a surprise cameo in episode 4 of Star Wars: The Acolyte. But the appearance of this Jedi from the prelogy created a big stir among fans, who expressed their support. their incomprehension. For the showrunner, it will be a matter of explaining a big inconsistency between her series and the entire prelogy of George Lucas.

Star Wars The Acolyte episode 4: fans' misunderstanding after the appearance of this Jedi

Warning, the following article contains SPOILERS on the plot of the fourth episode of the series ;rie Star Wars: TheAcolyte. If you haven't seen it yet, we strongly advise you to stop reading immediately. present.

The return of a famous Jedi from the prelogy

After a rather encouraging start, Disney falls back into trouble again. to which the platform has accustomed us; with Star Wars The Acolyte. This sluggish narration and its tendency towards considerably delay the issues on the altar offan serviceand its few“humorous sequences”is disconcerting. After an episode 3 entirely constructed as a flashback, this new episode is even worse. If“Destin” still allowed to lay the foundations of the conflicting relationship of the two twins Mae and Osha, Jour”< strong> focuses on the slow search for the Jedi Wookie Kenalcca (which was expected), without offering anything new, except a climax at the end of the episode, as if to make itself felt forgive these 35 soporific minutes.

As with its usual, Disney was therefore not stingy with easter eggs and other nods to the thriving Star Wars mythology. The most egregious of these concerns what appears to be a cameo from a Jedi Master from the prelogy era: Ki-Adi-Mundi,known as the one who (naively) thinks that the Sith have been extinct for millennia, when they knock on the doors of the Galactic Republic.

Star Wars The Acolyte episode 4: fans' incomprehension after the appearance of this Jedi

A big inconsistency with the threat ghost adjust

Indeed, the Jedi presented on a short level corresponds line for line to the future member of the Council. He appears when Jedi Master Sol reports to him. Vernestra Rwoh, confirming Mae's escape and her training by a dark force. 

But this surprise appearance brings back to the table a possible inconsistency between the Disney+ series and the entire prelogy: that of the supposed disappearance of the Sith, and of which he is at the center, since it is he who announcesthat “They have been extinct for a millennium”.< /em> Therefore, if he seems aware of the looming threat, why does he say the opposite 100 years later? A debate that animates the fanbase almost everywhere on the dedicated networks. Some believe that the Jedi Council wanted to keep their existence a secret,to break away from the Republic, which they have always distrusted. Others are less lenient, like this user behind a very popular account.

Wookipedia have changed the birth date of Ki Adi Mundi to cover up the blatant disregard to lore by The Acolyte.

He wasn't born until 40 years AFTER the events of The Acolyte but they put him in the show and made him a traitor.

Absolute fucking disgrace and an insult to George.

June 19, 2024

Wookipedia has modified Ki Adi Mundi's date of birth to cover up The Acolyte's blatant disregard for tradition. It was only 40 years AFTER the events of The Acolyte but they put him in the show and made him a traitor.

An absolute fucking shame and insult to; George.

Star Wars The Acolyte episode 4: fans' incomprehension after the appearance of this Jedi

Because if we refer to the Wookiepedia fansite, an immense database created by fans around the universe of the very distant galaxy, Ki-Adi-Mundi is born in 93 BBY on Cerea. It is therefore impossible for him to sit on the Jedi Council during the High Republic era. However, this information comes fromStar Wars.And in 2014, Disney erased the old canon extended universe,in order to recreate its owntimelineand anchor its characters to; its own way. So it’s him that we see in the episode. He is also played by Derek Arnold.

Showrunner Leslye Headland has on her side; promised to clarify the gray areas and resolve any coherence concerns during a recent interview: “There are certain things that Qui-Gon immediately knows that Darth Maul is a Sith afterward. having fought on Tatooine and then reporting it to the Jedi Council Yoda knows the rule of two he says that there is always a master and an apprentice. ;s as extinct, they had knowledge about the Sith.” What about Ki-Adi-Mundi? We hope that the showrunner will pull a clever plot twist from her magic hat to end the debate.

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