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Star Wars The Acolyte episode 3: these new Force users are worrying

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Episode 3 of Star Wars: The Acolyte introduced us to new users of the Force, who have a very particular conception of it, far from that mastered by the Jedi at the time. the head of the New Republic.

Star Wars The Acolyte episode 3: these new Force users are worrying

Warning, the following article contains SPOILERS on the plot of the third episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte. If you haven't seen it yet, we strongly advise you to stop watching immediately. present your reading.

a mysterious coven of witches

&Was it necessary to grant an episode “flashback” integer the story of Osha and her sister May? This big break in the narration of Star Wars: The Acolytewhich Disney has now accustomed us to allowed us to understand the origin story of the two twins Osha and May, and why they are opposed today.

Located 16 years before the narration of The Acolyte, this episode 3 takes us to the planet Brendok, there. whereOsha and May were Raised by a coven of witches capable of manipulating the Force.We learn that they were born without a father, through the creation of two maternal figures, Koril and Aniseya, the latter having “created” them. A twist that brings us closer to the birth of Anakin, and which raises many questions.

Star Wars The Acolyte episode 3: these new Force users are worrying

A conception of the force in opposition to the Jedi

Enough to ask the question of the origin of its mysterious witches, of the way in which she masters the Force, and ; what end(s). We notice that they are in some way at odds with the Jedi Force. Aniseya and her minions think that energy is not a “force” that can be manipulated as he pleases, and that pulling the thread can change destiny. This “thread” is the spiritual connection between people and a higher power that determines each person's destiny.

This distrust in Would this respect for the Jedi mean that this clan of witches could be affiliated with the Jedi? next to it dark side of the Force?In the episode, Mother Aniseya recognizes that their power could be considered as“dark, unnatural”. We see it at; the arrival of the Jedi, when the leader of the clan manages to enter the mind of Padawan Torbin and agrave; master her, making her eyes black. A technique never before seen before. in the saga.

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On the other hand, what happened? during the destruction of the temple? The episode rushes its conclusion too quickly (perhaps deliberately), and we do not know if the Jedi have ousted the Jedi. witches for fear of having discovered something worrying. It seems, in any case, obvious that the Jedi were destroyed. involved in the destruction of the clan, since May made it her priority mission — Kill Bill way — to eliminate the four Jedi present that evening.

We hope that Disney will be able to lift the thick fog that surrounds this mysterious clan and its origins. What about the Sith Lord who stands by May and motivates her actions in the first two episodes of the Star Wars series?

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