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Star Wars The Acolyte: Elden Ring influenced the Sith of the series, here's how

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

Who would have thought it? The showrunner of Star Wars: The Acolyte revealed that that Elden Ring had had an influence on everything. amazing fact about the creation of the Sith of the series, Qimir. We explain which one to you in this article.

Star Wars The Acolyte: Elden Ring influenced the Sith of the series, here's how

the sith from star wars: the acolyte, its biggest asset

Latest Star Wars series to date, The Acolyte< /em>is not totally decried, but is not unanimously accepted. neither. Certain script choices have driven fans of the saga crazy, but others are more convincing. The Sith Lord with the terrifying helmet has long intrigued many people. fans, and the revelation of his true identity. had the effect of an earthquake. However, this twist plot was predictable thanks to very telling clues. The man behind the mask is none other than Qimir, a smuggler who didn't seem like much at first glance.

Star Wars The Acolyte: Elden Ring influenced the Sith of the series, here's how

If the style of the Sith ofThe Acolyteis refreshing and rather appreciated, from the public, there is much to be said for You can bet that few viewers have guessed what it was. that one of his main influences was Elden Ring, and more specifically his community. It was the showrunner of the series, Leslye Headland, who revealed it. following an interview granted to the mediaInverse.

the influence of elden ringon qimir

Terrifying, cruel, badass … Adjectives likely to qualify Qimir inStar Wars: The Acolyteare many. But before arriving at a result capable of convincing fans while standing out from the past. of the saga, it took a long time to think about it at Disney and Lucasfilm. In this case, Leslye Headland explains that her idea of ​​making Qimir a relatively unprotected Sith, with bare arms, did not convince the teams right away.  One of the issues raised was its vulnerability. presumably, if we omit his helmet with its surprising capabilities.

The counterargument from the showrunner of the series was the following: “why would you wear armor if you don't get hit?”. It's there that it makes the link with Elden Ring, the FromSoftware game sold at more than 25 million copies, and namedGame Of The Yearin 2022:“It's like Elden Ring outfits. When you summon [players], you always summon people who aren't wearing anything. You're like, 'These people are crazy!' »“. The connection between The Acolyte and Elden Ring may seem to draw by the hair, but it makes sense.

Star Wars The Acolyte: Elden Ring influenced the Sith of the series, here's how

InElden Ring, players in difficulty find themselves in a difficult situation. have the opportunity to to summon other real players into their game to help them. Some gamers have even become known for this, like the legend Let Me Solo Her,an extremely talented player, capable of beating all the bosses almost without getting hit, and in particular the very difficult Malenia. However, Let Me Solo Her, back with the DLCShadow of the Erdtree, was known for his atypical outfit: he wore no clothes, except for his clothes. a jar on his head.This certainly made him more fragile, but also much more agile and able to cope. dodge enemy attacks, without ever getting hit. Leslye Headland explains that you have to adopt an offensive attitude, especially with bosses. You can't go back and panic. You have to be aggressive with them.

Many experienced players of Hidetaka Miyazaki's games (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring…) actually play the game. in this wayin order to take up the challenge, but also to become dodging pros able to take on the challenge. attack at the right time. And that's exactly what Qimir is capable of inThe Acolyte.

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