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Star Wars reveals how Yoda would have reacted to Anakin and Padme's romance

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

How would Yoda have reacted if he had known about Yoda and Anakin's romantic relationship? Against all expectations, the Jedi Master would undoubtedly have reacted in a completely unexpected way. We tell you:

Star Wars reveals how Yoda would have reacted to the love story between Anakin and Padme

The impossible relationship between Anakin and Padme

In the second part of the license, entitled; Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, a romantic relationship develops between Anakin and Padme. The problem is that this love is impossible. The Jedi do not have the right to love, and especially do not have the right to consume carnal pleasure. Anakin therefore totallyexceeded this fundamental rule, which undoubtedly contributed to its development. à its slow descent from the side darkness of the Force.

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However, this fundamental rule has changed over time, especially after the fall of the Republic. For example, the Jedi Kanan Jarrus proved that love was possible without denying his Jedi training. In the series Star Wars: Rebels, the Jedi falls in love with the pilot Hera Syndulla. Their relationship went extremely well until Kanan's death. And the two characters even had a child.

Yoda's reaction

A recent book, entitled Star Wars: Temptation of the Force, written by Tessa Gratton, clarified the difference between love and attachment from the perspective of Jedi training. The book also sheds light on how Yoda would have approached death. the secret relationship between Padme and Anakin. In Star Wars: Temptation of the Force, a Jedi named Elzar Mann asks for advice from a Jedi. Yoda. He confesses to her his mutual feelings with another Jedi: Avar Kriss:

She told me that she loved me too, that it was up to me. through the Force. There is no attachment, nothing egocentric or hierarchical. Our love will never come before other lives, before the destiny of the Force. This love is the Force. Expansive. This helps the Galaxy to grow. be better.

Star Wars reveals how Yoda would have reacted to the love story between Anakin and Padme

Unlike Anakin, Elzar Mann turned to to Yodato ask him for advice. And the little green Jedi had, like that; as usual, a response full of wisdom. Rather than rebelling, and kicking Elzar Mann off the Jedi Council, Yoda was replaced. receptive and understanding towards others the relationship between Elzar and Avar. Yoda simply replied:

“Depends what you mean by love, I think”

Yoda understood that there were different forms of love. That of Elzar and Avar was healthy for the balance of the Force. There was no pronounced attachment, nor even manipulation, jealousy or possessiveness, which leads to the side of evil. darkness of the Force. Yoda knows that if love does not turn into attachment, there is no contraindication.

&Evidently, Anakin and Padme consumed the drug. their love differently. Anakin quickly fell. in a form of paranoia, of jealousy, of injustice, and this love was transformed into into a deep and harmful physical and moral attachment, to both for the balance of the Force, but also for the two characters.

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