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Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

Ubisoft's Star Wars Outlaws game hasn't been released yet and it's already been released. at the center of numerous criticisms and controversies. However, beyond From all this massive “pre-bashing”, a game emerges which could well be one of the most successful video game versions in a long time. So back here on 8 elements that attracted our attention and make us all the more impatient to discover this new Star Wars.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#8 Scarlet Dawn, Darth Maul's organization

Be careful, we don't know at this stage whether or not Darth Maul will make an appearance in the game, but his ghost is already hovering in the trailers. Indeed, we see members of Scarlet Dawn, the crime syndicate created by Darth Maul, and which he leads from the shadows, leaving Dryden Vos – as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story – to publicly lead the group. Later, Qi'ra will take control of the group after Maul's (second and true) death.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#7 Jabba the Hutt

Yes, we know that Jabba will be much more important and present for players who have purchased the game more expensive and thus having access to an additional mission, “Jabba's Wager”. Obviously, we too have difficulty in completing this task. validate/understand this type of approach. However, beyond of this a priori very optional story, Jabba will indeed be present. For a game that claims to be an immersion in the world of smugglers roaming the distant galaxy of George Lucas, it is already a game that is already being explored. a very good thing. We are happy to see that the game takes into account this important legacy of the original trilogy. There will certainly be other « sponsors » space meet,and some will surely be created for the occasion. This is a very good thing, but Ubisoft has at least avoided this. the awkwardness of ignoring this characterwho has not always been unanimously unanimous.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#6 A new villain that respects the Star Wars legacy

As noted above, Star Wars Outlaws will allow us to discover space crooks. In all likelihood,the main antagonist of the game should not be Jabba but Sliro. Indeed, the trailer presents a crime lord, Sliro. It seems that Vess (heroin) has angered Sliro and his very new and very rich crime syndicate called Vess. Zarak Besh. He wants Kay Vess dead and she needs his money. As she later said, “ This job is my only chance for freedom. ! » This job? Take all of Sliro's money. The plot is therefore a repeat of that which pits Han Solo against Han Solo. Jabba. A completely assumed parallel sinceSliro's costume is almost the same as the one worn by the first actor in to have embodied Jabba in the deleted scenes of Star Wars: A New Hope (well before, of course, that George Lucas decided to make Jabba a non-human extraterrestrial). de).

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#5 The lore of all Star Wars fully exploited

In order to develop its lore, the game seems to have generously drawn on its lore. throughout the universe of Star Wars. We will thus encounter populations encountered in the cantina such as Rodiansor Chadra-Fans. We can also see remains of battle droids in certain elements of the decor as well as a humanoid with robotic elements like Lobot, Lando Calrissian’s assistant in The Empire Strikes Back. The extended universe and the spin-off series also served to nourish the game We will thus come across theKrayt Dragon seen in The Mandalorian.or the Death Troopers as they appear in the film Rogue One. But in addition to these elements of the first two trilogies, the game will also fully assume certain elements of the postology.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#4 Canto Bight

Well, we know,The Last Jediis a controversial film.However, whether we like it or no, it is now fully part of the lore of Star Wars. Using the propositions and worlds that the film allowed us to discover is therefore a laudable approach. What better example than Canto Bight for such a game? Propose a planet like Canto Bight, known for its gambling of all kinds and where all the rupins of space come to expose their riches clearly promises nice moments of galactic delinquency. Knowing that we will be able to wander through such a surprising and different setting is a great promise announced by the game's trailer.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#3 Babu Frik

In the same similar to the planet Canto Bight,we also quickly see the planet Kijimi in the trailer.Well, this time, we're not going to try to tell you that we love this planet (to be honest, we even forgot its name), but on the other hand, this planet is home to one of the best characters in postology: Babu Frik. A short time ago, we spoke to you about the love that we can have for this character in our articles onThe Rise of Skywalker (right there). À this stage, oWe don't know if Babu Frik will be present during our visit to Kijimi,but to be honest, we're really looking forward to seeing her.

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#2 The appearance of little-known characters

Ok, take on the whole universe of Star Wars beyond that. chapel wars, it is already a challenge in itself, but that's not all. Thus,the game also offers the appearance of several well-known elementsfrom Jabba's universe such as the Sarlacc and his palace, but also characters only known to most ardent fans of the saga:the spider-monks of the order of B'omarr. These characters appear very (very) furtively at the beginning of Return of the Jedi and we see a few of them in the trailer for Star Wars Outlaws.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

#1 Han Solo

Clearly, it's all of Jabba's lore that is highlighted in the game. And since the story takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, we will have a bit of the plot that includes poor Han Solo in one way or anotherstill stuck in its carbonite block. This Jabba trophy was at the center of a classic comic book Star Wars, Boba Fett, which allowed us to discover how other bounty hunters had tried to kill themselves. to steal it from Boba Fett to get the bounty and recognition from Jabba. Invokingthe presence of this legendary artifact from Star Wars in Jedi Outlaws can only leave us dreaming.

Star Wars Outlaws: 8 very cool details seen in the trailer

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