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Star Wars: Maria de Aragon, the interpreter of Greedo in A New Hope, is dead

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

This weekend we officially learned of the death of a Canadian actress named Maria de Aragon. She notably appeared in a Star Wars film almost 50 years ago, in the role of Greedo >.

Star Wars: Maria de Aragon, the interpreter of Greedo in A New Hope, is dead

maria de aragon is dead

Even though we don't know them personally, the death of stars with whom we grew up always causes a little pang in the heart. For example, it was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, in October 2022. This weekend, it was the death of Canadian actress Maria de Aragon which was announced. announced by the company Coolwaters Productions. The Quebec actress was 81 years old and left us today. on April 30.His death would be due to; a natural cause.

Star Wars: Maria de Aragon, the interpreter of Greedo in A New Hope, is dead

the interpreter of greedo in star warsepisode I: a new hope

The name Maria de Aragon may not mean anything to you, because the actress was not very well known. In fact, we mainly associate her with the film Star Wars: A New Hope, in which she plays a very small role: that of Greedo,the bounty hunter shot by Han Solo in a cantina. It was in fact the actress born in 1942 who wore the mask which, she explained, prevented her from breathing properly. If Greedo only appeared for a few short minutes the screen, his scene has become one of the most emblematic of A New Hope. Coolwaters Productions concludes its press release like this:

 [Maria de Aragon] leaves behind her family in Canada. She died in a retirement home in Paris. at the age of 81 at the end of April 2024, of natural causes. Our hearts are saddened, we wish the best to everyone. his family and we thank all Star Wars fans for their years of support.

If the facing scene face between Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Greedo (Maria de Aragon) is so popular with fans, it's becauseshe is known for having been a fighter. filmed in numerous versions.In the original, Chewbacca's sidekick coldly kills his rival, which gave him too bad a reputation to make him a hero. Subsequently, the scene was changed. modified so that Greedo draws first.

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