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Star Wars: Dave Filoni addresses the issue of R-rated films

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, Dave Filoni has become the new big man of the Star Wars universe (with Jon Favreau). In a recent interview, Dave Filoni discussed the possibility to produce R-rated Star Wars films. And it doesn't seem totally closed off. à this possibility.

Star Wars: Dave Filoni addresses the issue of R-rated films

Star wars: dave filoni the new boss

On October 30, 2012, The Walt Disney Company announced the acquisition of Lucasfilm for the sum of 4.05 billion dollars. Indeed, George Lucas was tired of having to manage his empire, and therefore decided to take over. abandon your baby in the hands of Mickey. Since then, the big-eared firm has produced many Star Wars films and series, with varying degrees of success.

Star Wars: Dave Filoni addresses the issue of R-rated films

But if George Lucas has deserted, Dave Filonidecided to to stay in the Star Wars adventure. Dave Filoni was already working on with George Lucas on the series The Clone Wars since 2008. He notably participated in the series. à the creation of the character of Ahsoka. Since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, Dave Filoni has continued his work in the universe created by Disney. by George Lucas and works on most of the Star Wars series.

The possibility of to produce a classified film R ?

Recently, Dave Filoni appeared on the podcast Happy Sad Confused alongside actors Rosario Dawson and Hayden Christensen, who respectively play Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker. Dave Filoni then teased; the next Star Wars projects in production. During this interview, the showrunner also discussed the possibility from produce classified films or series; R(under 16 in the United States). After all, Marvel Studios is gearing up for a new release. release his very first classified film; R withDeadpool & Wolverine:

I think the R rating encompasses all types of styles. It is the creators of these stories who ultimately decide the tone. I think we should get out of our comfort zone more. Otherwise, we find ourselves in a world where; everyone tries to imitate George Lucas. I learned a lot alongside George. He is a unique generational talent. She is a person who has principles, very human, who helped us to achieve our goals. overcome our fears, and these are timeless, whatever your fears.

Star Wars: Dave Filoni addresses the issue of R-rated films

< p>A Star Wars film rated R would be a great idea. We often criticize; Star Wars for being too childish. Since the Star Wars series arrived, on Disney+, there is a form of standardization that is being created. Series like The Mandalorian or The Acolyte, which do not take place at all in ; the same period, have the same identity visual and aesthetic. And in itself, that’s a problem! The Star Wars universe must therefore achieve this goal. renew itself, and this can clearly involve R-rated productions.

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