Star Wars: Coruscant's Darkest Secret Has Been Revealed, and You're Gonna Want to See It Adapted

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One ​​of the greatest film sagas, ever. know Star Wars, still holds a good number of secrets and lately we learned that the Sith have a much more important place than we could think in the city-planet of Coruscant which had served as the capital of the Galaxy. Today we uncover Coruscant s darkest secret. 

Star Wars: Coruscant’s darkest secret has just been revealed, and you're going to want to see it adapted

An upcoming adaptation in the Star Wars universe

The city-planet of Coruscant< /strong>is quite special since from generation to generation the structures surpass and grow above the previous ones and at the time of the original trilogy we were aware of  more than 5000 levels.

The higher the dwellers have a level, the richer they are, and for the lower levels, it is the opposite, it is there. that one finds the worst misery. Besides, the sun is a myth in the lower levels where there is only semi-darkness, so Palpatine told the audience. Anakin Skywalkerduring a visit.

Star Wars: Coruscant’s darkest secret has just been revealed, and you will want to see it adapted

In the novel Convergence, written by Zoraida Cordova, Coruscant s darkest secret has been revealed. revealed indicating that in ancient times the city was built on very ancient ruins where no one lives anymore. In these, there is a Sith shrine which was buried by a Jedi temple. Apparently, there wouldn't be just one temple, but many others and Palpatine would have visited. the uninhabitable lower levels in order to learn more about the uninhabitable side. darkness of the Force, which he thought he knew completely.

While we know the highest levels in the saga, George Lucas had considered to create a TV mini-series in the bowels of the city-planet of Coruscant. However, she could not see the light of day and she was abandoned. Nevertheless, we should have some news on this adaptation since the character Dr Aphra, who is a very great adventurer and an archaeologist, could embark on an original exploration. said of the planet in the levels where no one lives to seek the secrets of the Force anymore.

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