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Star Wars Andor: the best villain of the Disney era returns in season 2

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Star Wars fans will soon have something to look forward to (finally?), since not only the Andor will be back soon, but its cast has just expanded nicely. Thus, the second season will mark the return of one of the best villains of the Disney era.

 Star Wars Andor: the best villain of the Disney era returns in season 2

A Crucial Season 2 for Andor

The series rie Andor explores the five years preceding the events of Rogue One. History, until now skillfully conducted, allows us to discover how a simple thief turned rebel spy,Cassian Andor, finally becomes aware of the true nature of theGalactic Empire and decides to commit to ;finally and more actively in the Rebel Alliance. After a very successful first season and hailed asone of the rare true successes of the Disney/Star Wars universe, the second season of the series is eagerly awaited by fans.

Star Wars Andor: the best villain of the Disney era returns in season 2

During an appearance at the ACE Superhero Comic Con in the United States, Diego Luna, who plays Cassian Andor, expressed his enthusiasm for the new season. Healso confirmed that characters present inRogue Onewill appear in this season 2.“[The events of] Rogue One are coming, so there will be characters that you recognize. It will be fascinating to watch Rogue One after seeing this second season, because you will see it in a different way. different angle,” he declared.A priori, this season could be the last and would therefore make the direct link with the film Rogue One. In fact, it is also the return of the big bad guy from the film Rogue One, director Krennic, who has just been announced.

Star Wars Andor: the best villain of the Disney era returns in season 2

Krennic Strikes Back

For many fans, Krennic was one of the highlights of Rogue One. < /strong>Despite the presence of emblematic characters like Grand Moff Tarkin and even Darth Vader, Director Krennic was able to make an impression thanks to his work. the convincing performance of its interpreter, Ben Mendelsohn. As soon as the Andor, series was announced, there was speculation as to what it would be like. his return immediately made their appearance.

Star Wars Andor: the best villain of the Disney era returns in season 2

Krennic's return in season 2 is more than just a wink to fans.The end of Andor's first season made it clear that that the Death Star would be at the center of the plot of the second season. The Imperial superweapon, the construction of which involved prisoners like Cassian in the first season, hovers as a constant threat over the universe of Andor. Krennic, being closely linked to the to the Death Star project, it is therefore a crucial addition to the project. the narration.

Star Wars Andor: the best meé song from the Disney era returns in season 2

Krennic’s presence will certainly help. coherently connect the events of Andor to the those of Rogue One. If the second season should end there? where begins Rogue One, Krennic's involvement in the story could help strengthen the links between the two Star Wars projects. On the other hand, this will offer Ben Mendelsohn an opportunity unique opportunity to further develop his character Krennicand enrich our understanding of the character during a future viewing of Rogue One. Season 2 of Andor therefore promises to be an unmissable event for all fans of the saga, and should complete its complex story of the beginnings of the rebellion.< /p>

Star Wars Andor: the best villain of the Disney era returns in season 2

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