Stallone naked mannequin for sale in Australian store

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Naked Stallone mannequin sold in Australian store

Photo: beabellingham/Instagram

The antique store in Katumba, New South Wales, Australia sells a mannequin in the form of a naked Sylvester Stallone —     more precisely, his hero from & nbsp; the picture & quot; Destroyer & quot;, frozen according to the plot in & nbsp; a cryo prison.  Newsweek.

The figure in the form of a frozen Sylvester Stallone was seen by the ceramic artist from Sydney, Bea Bellingham, and spoke about it in social networks.

” ;My husband and I went to Katumba for a couple of days. It's a silly village, and Katoomba Vintage Emporium — possibly the most goofy antique shop. On the first floor, I took a photo of a strange screaming doll and thought “Yes, this is the strangest find of the day”, — the ceramist wrote on Instagram and posted a photo of the "screaming doll".

Subsequently, the post was deleted, but by this time, Twitter user Adam Howes had already noticed him and informed the inhabitants of the social network that the strange doll — this is a mannequin in the form of the hero of “The Destroyer”, filmed in & nbsp; 1993. Sylvester Stallone plays police sergeant John Spartan there, accused of a crime he did not commit and frozen in a cryo prison.

Adam Hawes also said that similar models once adorned some Planet Hollywood restaurants. It is assumed that in the original "screaming doll" was encased in  plastic "ice".

Social media users attracted by Bea Bellingham's discovery also visited the antique shop she mentioned and found out that the  figure in the form of Stallone costs 6,000 Australian dollars.


Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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