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Three French-language education associations in Ontario are launching a teaching scholarship program with the aim of reducing the staff shortage in French schools.

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The Association of Public School Boards of Ontario (ACEPO), the Franco-Ontarian Association of Catholic School Boards (AFOCSC) and the Association of Franco-Ontarian Teachers (AEFO) announce the launch of a teaching scholarship program to reduce the shortage of French-speaking teachers in the province.

The program is funded by an investment of $1.2 million from the Department of Canadian Heritage. The 40 chosen could receive up to $30,000 to cover college costs and other expenses.

It is certain that this initiative is a step in the right direction to counter this glaring shortage of qualified teachers which has been affecting our school system for many years years, declares the president of the AEFO, Anne Vinet-Roy.

Our schools, our communities, depend largely on the education that is provided to young French-speaking people in the province.

A quote from Anne Vinet-Roy, president of the AEFO

Those interested have until February 29 to submit a request via via the site

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The site emphasizes that candidates must work or have already worked under a letter of permission in a French-language school board in Ontario. They must also pursue or wish to pursue a French-language teacher training program in the province.

Shortage of French-speaking teachers: a “global” problem “, says Caroline Mulroney

Shortage of French-speaking teachers: we are “close to disaster,” according to officials

ACEPO Executive Director Isabelle Girard says Ontario's teacher shortage has persisted since 2016 and requires immediate intervention.

We must act quickly, because unfortunately, the shortage continues to worsen, she laments.

Ms. Girard maintains that one of the symptoms of the crisis is the high number of temporary leave granted.

These permissions are only granted by the Ontario government if the school board has been unable to find a qualified candidate after a public posting and hiring process.< /p>

These letters went from 86 in 2012-2013 to more than 650 in 2022-2023 .

A quote from Isabelle Girard, general director of ACEPO

An observation that also concerns Robert Demers, vice-president of AFOCSC. He therefore hopes that this new program will tackle this constant increase in the number of people working on temporary leave in French schools.

We are convinced that this first initiative will be a good start to reduce the number of letters of permission and the quantity of unqualified personnel, he says.

For Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Official Languages, Marc Serré, this program will serve, among other things, to promote French in Ontario by ensuring in particular that teachers meet expectations.

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