Stadium “Chernomorets” in 17-th time try to sell at auction: price has fallen in two and a half times

Initially, the arena would sell for 3.4 billion hryvnia, and now the highest price is 1.14 billion

May 22 will be an auction for the sale of the stadium “Chernomorets” in Odessa, the official website of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals. the Starting price is 1 139 890 000 UAH. The auction will take place on the Dutch system this means that first is declared the highest price for the lot, and then rates are down to one that will accept the first buyer. Earlier we wrote that “Chernomorets” can play in the second half of the season due to financial problems.

The stadium was built in 2011 on the site of the old arena “Chernomorets”. It can hold 34 thousand spectators.

It is noted that it will be the 17th attempt to sell the stadium. Initially the stadium was put up for auction for UAH 3.6 billion. The initial value is gradually decreased and now it is two and a half times less – 1.14 billion UAH, but previous attempts to sell the arena and was not successful. The previous auction of the stadium took place on 13 may, but then was not wanting to buy the arena for 228 million UAH.

Стадион "Черноморец" в 17-й раз попробуют продать на аукционе: цена упала в два с половиной раза

/ Photo: Official website of FC “Shakhtar”

The stadium “Chernomorets” in Odessa includes:

  • the sports part of the stadium bowl stadium with a football pitch, VIP boxes, auxiliary facilities
  • business centre with restaurant with a total area of 10 sq. m 757,90
  • a fitness center with a total area of 4 300,00 sq. m
  • the hotel has a total area of 9 sq. m of 817.00
  • underground Parking for vehicles
  • other buildings and premises on a functional purpose of object

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