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SPYDER-MR: a new Israeli anti-aircraft development with the ability to detect air targets and destroy them instantly

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

SPYDER-MR: a new Israeli development of air defense with the possibility of detecting air targets and their immediate destruction

The SPYDER-MR missile system by the Israeli group Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has universal capabilities in air defense. It is equipped with Python-5 and Derby missiles designed to counter air threats, including aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and ballistic missiles.


The SPYDER-MR system is characterized by high mobility and the ability to quickly deploy. It uses advanced radar and control technologies. The EL/M-2106 ATAR 3D radar makes it possible to detect and track targets at significant distances and altitudes, providing comprehensive protection. Vertical missile launch and 360-degree coverage allow you to effectively counter multiple threats.

The SPYDER family of systems includes several configurations: SR (Short Range), MR (Medium Range), LR (Long Range), ER (Extended Range) and the latest All-in-One, which are capable of neutralizing aircraft, drones, precision munitions and ballistic missiles .

SPYDER – a flexible, customizable system adapted for air transportation. It is based on an open architecture that combines the most modern sensors, effectors and launcher configurations. High-precision interceptor missiles such as the Python 5 with a dual-range infrared homing warhead and the I-DERBY ER with a dual-pulse rocket motor for longer range are adapted to different operational requirements.

Key advantages of SPYDER include

    < li>operational and battle-proven systems;
  • ability to engage a wide range of enemy threats;
  • open architecture with the possibility of reconfiguration;
  • ability to detect targets on the move;< /li>
  • instant firing after stopping.

The system is also equipped with dual-purpose missiles for air-to-air combat; and “surface-to-air”, as well as a unique combination of missiles with IIR or RF homing heads, which makes SPYDER extremely versatile.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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