Sputnik Sich-2 detecting a cyberattack – Derzhkosmos

Sputnik Sich-2 detecting a cyberattack – Derzhkosmos

Sputnik Sich-2 detecting cyber attacks – Derzhkosmos

Photo: Facebook /oleguruskyiUkrainian satellite Sich-2-30 is not yet fully operational

The satellite cannot transmit images. And the cyberattack stuck on Yogo's robot, Volodymyr Taftai repeats.

Ukrainian satellite Sich-2-30 regularly go to the language, but also functions in the exchanged mode, through cyberattacks. Having said the head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Volodymyr Taftai, let us know Suspile at Wednesday, 23 September. “It's a pity, at the same time, the power of the functioning of the satellite Sich-2-30. Narazі pіdpriєmstva cosmіnі galuzі, zokrema KB Pіvdenne, which expanded and created the satellite, ready the final sound of the functioning of this apparatus and of many trials & # 8221;, & # 8211; stating Taftai.

Bin specifying that the satellite cannot transmit at once pictures. And the cyberattack hit your robot.

“In fact, the first anti-robot robots of the satellite were fixed in the middle, the cyberattack, and some other similar entries. The stench did not appear’azans without intermediary with the military aggression, but they could have been their forerunner”, – by adding Taftai.

ZMI also said that the Cabinet of Ministers, having obtained an intermediary, would take a direct contract from SpaceX. He had to pay $1.8 million instead of the $1 million planned in the contract.