Spring warming is underway in Ukraine: weather forecasters named the date

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Spring warming is underway in Ukraine: weather forecasters have announced the date

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Despite the fact that this week it has become cold and frosty in many regions of the country, warming will come in the middle of the month. According to the people's weather forecaster Stanislav Shchedrin, from February 10, the thermometers will begin to rise to +7 degrees during the day and 0…+4 degrees at night, according to glavred.info.

The forecaster predicts that warm air masses from the Sahara and the Atlantic will soon change the temperature regime in all regions. All over Ukraine it will become spring-like warm.

As for precipitation, they are practically not expected in the period from February 10 to February 14. But on February 15-16, we should expect wet weather. Then again dry to the end of the month. Snow and frost are not expected beyond the calendar.

Forecaster Natalya Didenko also made la forecast for the rest of the month. According to her, as early as next week, February warming awaits Ukrainians on February 13-14. February frosts will end there.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 


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