Spotify's shuffle feature isn't as real as you think, these are the reasons

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There are several options to really listen to diverse music and not rely entirely on Spotify's algorithm

Spotify's random feature is not as real as you think, these are the reasons

Spotify. (Photo: Getty Images)

A large part of the population uses Spotify and the shuffle mode of playlists to listen to a variety of music; but some of you may have noticed that there are certain songs or artists that are played more frequently, and that some of the songs in your playlists never seem to play.

Why does this happen? The youtuber Gabi Belle has analyzed it in depth and her conclusions are surprising.

Spotify's shufflers don't feel totally random. In fact, they seem to be curated by the platform itself according to the user's musical tastes; instead of listening to a mix of songs, you could listen to similar or the same songs, over and over again.

Why Spotify's shuffle isn't really random

According to the youtuber's research, Spotify decided to make its shuffle mode stop being truly random after receiving numerous complaints asking for two or more songs from the same artist to not play in a row.

In her current way of working, she believes that mixes should be fluid. The company does not like songs that are totally different alternating against each other.

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Although the true random method means listening to the songs in the order they play, the company decided to tweak the algorithm that selects the songs, so that songs by the same author were separated. Thus, the songs are similar and blend together. And you could really say it plays like a digital DJ, so never a user is subjected to a jarring transition from one song to the next.

How could it be otherwise, there are those who have noticed this variation of the algorithm and have wondered if the app selects certain songs more easily than others.

Even conspiracies They are never lacking in the darkest corners of the Internet, and some have done tests to show that the most commercialized and played songs are more likely to play earlier in shuffle mode than those that are alternatives and hardly have listeners.

Spotify's random feature is not as real as you think, here are the reasons

Spotify. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

How to have a really random feature on Spotify

To fix the problem you just need to deactivate the function in question: Automix. On iPhone or Android, you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Settings of the application.

2. Choose the option called Playback.

3. Many options will be seen. Below ‘Crossfade’ you will find an Automix switch. Whether on desktop or mobile, just tap the switch next to Automix to turn it off.

Spotify's random feature is not as real as you think, these are the reasons

Disable Automix on Spotify. (Photo: Composition/Jose Arana)

If, after performing these steps, the user misses the sensation of feeling that the person running their Spotify was a DJ who knew their tastes perfectly, you can always < b>activate Automix again by following the steps above.

Another solution to this problem, from the user's point of view, is to create different playlists do not mix big international hits with little-known music: the alternative with the alternative and the commercial with the commercial.

And whoever does not want to complicate themselves will have to resort to other streaming methods from music sources like YouTube, to make sure that true randomness is met.

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