Sports start and between the two there are 82 podiums.

Sports start and between the two there are 82 podiums.

The Bolivarian Games advance and the Colombian delegation consolidates daily as the best in this contest, which has Valledupar as its main venue.

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Colombia, without a doubt, will continue to increase their loot in jousts, more so with the entry of competitive sports such as athletics and weightlifting.

Between the two They will contribute 82 gold medals, 42 will be awarded by grassroots sports and the other 40 by weightlifting, where the locals are very strong.

Athletics on stage

Sports start and between the two there are 82 podiums.

Athletics faces a new challenge. In the 2017 Games, in Santa Marta, he got a loot of 17 gold, 22 silver and 13 bronze and the idea this time is to overcome what was achieved.

This time it has a mixed group, between athletes who have already had their international experience, and others who compete, who are promises that come from behind making their way.

The walk will have something to say with Esteban Soto in the 20 km, while osé Lemus is the big card in the decathlon. In that group is Melissa González, who will be part of the 4×400 mixed relay and he is a promising figure

In the same way, Colombia counts among its finals with gold options Iván González, who will be in the 5,000 and 10,000 flat meters.

We must also count on Angie Orjuela and Jeison Suárez, q5 at the Tokyo Olympics in the marathon, who this time is going for gold in the half marathon.

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Carlos San Martín will go for first place in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, while Natalia Linares, who is from the house, born in Valledupar, hopes to make her debut in the Bolivarianos with a good performance in the long jump.

Weights shift

Weights are not far behind. The organization of the contest awards only two golds, in the clean and jerk snatch, the total is not awarded, but there are 40 metals in dispute.

There has always been power in this sport and this time will not be the exception, as the group led by Luis Arrieta is strengthened.

“We have several strong contests and the Bolivarianos is one of them. We want the greatest number of medals, but we must also come to the athletes for the Pan American in Bogotá in August, first, and then the World Cup in Colombia, ”he told EL TIEMPO Arrieta.

We trust in the ability and experience of Luis Javier Mosquera, bronze medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, who will be in the 73 kilos competition.

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Likewise, gold medals are expected with Francisco Mosquera, a potential lifter who hopes to achieve his goal at 67 kilos. Santiago Rodallega, Quineo at the Tokyo Olympics, is also a favorite in the 81 kilos.

The ladies have their strength with Valeria Rivas Rivas in 45 kilos, Mirayeth Mendoza in 71, who will fight for the gold medal.

In athletics and weights, Colombia has a good handful of gold medals, which will make it the great champion of the Games.

Lisandro Rengifo
Editor of EL TIEMPO< br>@lisandroabel

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