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zh os Sporting and Athletic take a giant step towards salvation - The Times Hub

Sporting and Athletic take a giant step towards salvation

    Sporting and Athletic take a giant step towards salvation

    After the triumphs of Granadilla and Eibar and the tie between Rayo and Valencia yesterday, matchday 25 of the Primera Iberdrola continued this Sunday with the spotlight on the area below. The countdown begins in the final stretch of the League —Once the present is completed, there will be nine left— and nobody wants to be in the last four places of the classification. The desire was noticed more than ever when Sporting Huelva, who signed an extraordinary first half and ended up knocking down Sevilla by 4-2. At the same time, Athletic beat Santa Teresa with a double from veteran Gimbert and puts land in the middle with the relegation zone. Barça once again showed no mercy against Levante (7-1) while Betis and Espanyol shared the points in a tie with a taste of nothing in the lower zone.

    Sporting Huelva 4-2 Sevilla: giant step towards salvation

    Sporting Huelva jumped onto the La Orden turf in steamroller mode and swept away a Sevilla who did not find himself at any point in the game. Jenny Benítez’s team arrived with two consecutive defeats against Madrid CFF and Real Sociedad and only four points above relegation, in the absence of those below playing. So the blue and white did not speculate. They went out for all.

    Sporting took control of the ball in the center of the field against a team from Seville that did not fuel. And he paid dearly for it. In the 9 ‘, a free kick by Yoko Tanaka was badly repelled by Sara Serrat —New in Sevilla’s goal— and Dany Helena, in the small area, pushed the ball to the back of the net to put hers ahead.

    Jenny Benítez smiled in the band, but called hers to go for more. They did it. Sporting continued to dominate and forced a rigorous penalty from Maite Albarrán on top scorer Dany Helena in the 20th minute. The Seville midfielder was inside the area covering the position of the injured Luca Deza and put her arms on the Brazilian forward, who dropped as soon as she felt the contact. Mayra Ramírez was in charge of transforming it to definitively put the party on track in favor of the locals.

    The fans enjoyed theirs in The Order, who were walking with a firm step towards a very important victory in their fight for salvation, and in 39 ‘, Yoko Tanaka made it 3-0 with a powerful shot from the edge of the area. The Japanese goal was the icing on the cake in the first half brilliant of the Huelva picture.

    And Sevilla barely had time to show that they could react at the beginning of the second half: Mayra Ramírez made the fourth after a communication failure between Albarrán and Sara Serrat on 49 ‘. Encounter sentenced. The three points, very important, were going to stay in The Order. The goals of Albarrán were of little use, after a corner in 69 ‘, and Gabarro, in 87’ …

    Cristian Toro’s team only made up the result of a dominated duel dominated by Sporting. Those of Benítez walk towards what was promised to Antonio Toledo after his resignation back in November, salvation, and are placed in eleventh position, with 27 points.


    Sporting Huelva: Chelsea; Vanesa Santana, Ana Carol (Sofía García, 85 ‘), Cinta, Patri Ojeda; Sandra Castelló, Tanaka, Fisher, Dany Helena (Morilla, 70 ‘); Kanteh and Mayra Ramírez (Falknor, 70 ‘)

    Sevilla: Sara Serrat; Lucía Ramírez (Karlernas, 77 ‘), Luca Deza (Virgy García, 21’), Aivi, Javiera Toro; Maite Albarrán, Nagore Calderón (Pinel, 77 ‘); Payne, Pina, Coleman; and Ana Franco (Inma Gabarro, 77 ‘).

    Goals: 1-0 (9 ‘): Dany Helena. 2-0 (20 ‘): Mayra Ramírez, from a penalty. 3-0 (39 ‘): Tanaka. 4-0 (49 ‘): Mayra Ramírez. 4-1 (69 ‘): Maite Albarrán. 4-2 (87 ‘): Inma Gabarro.

    Referee: Cuesta Arribas (Galicia). He admonished Lucía Ramírez (28 ‘), Patri Ojeda (35’) and Cinta (63 ‘).

    Countryside: The order. Limited capacity.

    Athletic 2-1 Santa Teresa: Gimbert keeps the lionesses away from the red zone

    Like Sporting Huelva, Athletic also returned to winning ways on matchday 25 of the Primera Iberdrola. The rojiblancas, who lost to Granadilla 3-2, were able to recover to add three points against Santa Teresa that boost them in the classification table.

    Much of the blame for the local victory was the most experienced player in the League: Vanesa Gimbert, who will soon turn 41. The central defense was in charge of overtaking theirs in the 8th minute with an accurate shot from the penalty spot..

    Moraza warned later for the second, but those of Iraia Iturregi, with in other games of the season, did not find the sentence. Thus, the tie for Nerea Pérez ended up in the 50th minute.. Yulema and Unzué insisted for the 2-0. Nevertheless, it had to be Gimbert again, this time after finishing off a lateral foul on the balcony of the small area, the one that put the final 2-1 in 79 ‘.

    There was also time for the young Mariana Cerro to debut in the locals. Athletic puts land in the middle of the relegation zone and is placed in ninth position with 28 points. The Santa Teresa continues penultimate.


    Athletic: De la Nava; Oihane Hernández, Valdezate, Gimbert, Eunate; Istillart (Díaz Cirauqui, 74 ‘), Irene Oguiza (Unzué, 46’), Monente (Marta Perea, 89 ‘); Ane Azkona, Yulema Corres (Mariana Cerro, 81 ‘) and Ainhoa ​​Moraza.

    Santa Teresa: Yoli Aguirre; Nerea Pérez (Mariana Díaz, 81 ‘), Ariadna Rovirola (Van Slambrouck, 71’), Visco, María Neira; Mireya (Blanca Moreno, 70 ‘), Kenni Thompson, Nayadet López, Alba Zafra (Alba Mellado, 60’); Belén and Estefa.

    Goals: 1-0 (8 ‘): Gimbert, from penalty. 1-1 (50 ‘): Nerea Pérez. 2-1 (79 ‘): Gimbert.

    Referee: Espinosa Ríos (Madrid). He admonished María Neira (44 ‘), Oihane Hernández (51’) and Gimbert (55 ‘).

    Countryside: Lezama.

    Betis 0-0 Espanyol: tie with a taste of nothing

    Verdiblancas and Blanquiazules were the protagonists of the high-voltage match of the day in the lower zone. Separated by a single point, between heaven (salvation) and hell (the landing zone)Both teams jumped onto the Felipe del Valle pitch with intensity, enthusiasm and fear.

    Fear because failing today meant serving penance before the national team break. The team that lost was left with the relegation place, and that was noticeable on the pitch. The midfield was the center of all the battles of the first half. Letti Sevilla and Maya Yamamoto discussed hegemony with Sosa and Rosa Márquez and the goalkeepers came to rest without any worthwhile interventions.

    Rosa Otermín and Márquez herself tested a confident Vanina Correa under sticks, while Baudet, Szymanowski and Maya did the same with Méline. Neither was right. The defenses were imposed in a duel more bland than expected.

    Draw with the flavor of nothing so that the lower zone remains the same, with Deportivo, Santa Teresa, EDF Logroño and Betis. The verdiblancas continue to a point from Espanyol, which continues to mark salvation.


    Betis: Méline; Nuria Ligero (Aixa Salvador, 84 ‘), Dorine (María Valle, 78’), Paula Perea, Andrea Medina; Otermín (Bea Parra, 68 ‘), Ana González (Ana Hernández, 84’), Ángela Sosa, Rosa Márquez; Mari Paz Vilas (Blanca Muñoz 68 ‘) and Altuve.

    Spanish: Vanina Correa; Débora García (Sara Extremera, 89 ‘), Nicart (Xenia Pérez, 58’), Vanegas, Elba Verges; Letti Sevilla (Irene Corral, 89 ‘), Maya Yamamoto; Julve (Szymanowski, 51 ‘), Odelberg-Modin (Soldevila, 58’), Baudet; and Lombi.

    Referee: Gallastegui Pérez (Basque Country). He admonished Nicart (42 ‘), Andrea Medina (65’), Xenia Pérez (83 ‘) and Aixa Salvador (93’).

    Countryside: Felipe del Valle. With limited capacity.

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