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xm wP Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics - The Times Hub

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics


After a powerful loss to Golden State on Wednesday, the Pacers (15-15) are headed east to tackle the slumping Boston Celtics (15-17) at TD Backyard Friday night time. The squads break up their first two contests of the yr at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The Celtics — losers of 4 straight and eight of 11 total — are coming off a wire-to-wire, 127-112 defeat to the Atlanta Hawks. Boston allowed two 30-point scorers, Danilo Gallinari (38) and Trae Younger (33). Gallinari made 10-of-12 3-point makes an attempt, two greater than all the Celtics workforce. The latest slide has induced dissent amongst a few of Boston’s executives. Just lately, Celtics basic supervisor Danny Ainge appeared on a neighborhood radio station and said, “our roster clearly will not be good.”

Nonetheless, Boston nonetheless has some scary firepower on the offensive finish. All-Stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are each averaging over 25 factors per sport. Brown is averaging 19.3 area objective makes an attempt and taking pictures almost 50 p.c from the ground. It is clear the Pacers might want to shore up its protection within the paint after permitting 66 factors close to the rim in opposition to Golden State.

The Blue & Gold might want to maintain its concentrate on the glass as properly. As a workforce, Boston averages the seventh-most offensive rebounds per sport (11.0). Middle Tristan Thompson averages the league’s Eleventh-most offensive boards per contest (3.1).

Moreover, Indiana shall be seeking to rebound from a troublesome night time past the arc in opposition to the Warriors. Regardless of getting a number of open seems, the squad hit simply 7-of-29 (24.1 p.c) from deep. Frequent sharpshooters Doug McDermott and Justin Vacation mixed for simply 4-of-13 3-point makes an attempt.

Projected Starters

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Malcolm Brogdon

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Justin Vacation

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Doug McDermott

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Domantas Sabonis

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Myles Turner

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Kemba Walker

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Jaylen Brown

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Jayson Tatum

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Tristan Thompson

Sport Preview: Pacers at Celtics

Daniel Theis

Pacers: PG – Malcolm Brogdon, SG – Justin Vacation, SF – Doug McDermott, PF – Domantas Sabonis, C – Myles Turner
Celtics: PG – Kemba Walker, SG – Jaylen Brown, SF – Jayson Tatum, PF – Tristan Thompson, C – Daniel Theis

Harm Report

Pacers: Brian Bowen II – out (G League two-way contract), Jalen Lecque – out (G League project), Caris LeVert – out (medical situation), Cassius Stanley – out (G League two-way contract), T.J. Warren – out (left foot stress fracture)

Celtics: Romeo Langford – out (proper wrist surgical procedure rehab), Marcus Good – out (left calf tear)

Final Assembly

Dec. 29, 2020: After Indiana dispatched the Celtics two days prior, Boston sought revenge. The guests evaporated an 11-point Pacers lead early within the fourth quarter en path to snagging a 116-111 victory over the Blue & Gold.

Regardless of the loss, six Pacers gamers completed in double figures. Victor Oladipo led all Pacers with 24 factors on 10-of-18 taking pictures, six rebounds, and 6 assists. Malcolm Brogdon added 19 and dished out seven assists, whereas T.J. Warren adopted with 17.

After falling behind early within the first, Indiana fought tooth-and-nail with Boston within the second. The Blue & Gold tied the sport on 5 separate events, however couldn’t attain the lead.

Then, Warren erupted for 15 factors within the third quarter. Persevering with its early-season dominance within the third quarter, Indiana outscored Boston 37-25 within the body to take a assured 94-83 lead into the fourth.

Nonetheless, the cushion shortly deflated because the Celtics scored the primary 11 factors of the fourth quarter. Jayson Tatum’s layup knotted the rating lower than three minutes into the ultimate body. His jumper with 7:29 remaining then pushed Boston into the lead.

A late 9-2 run gave the Pacers one ultimate ounce of hope. Oladipo’s layup with 1:01 remaining reduce the deficit to simply two. After a Boston timeout, Payton Pritchard airballed a 3-pointer, giving Indiana an opportunity to tie or take the lead. Nonetheless, they by no means fired a shot, as Justin Vacation was pickpocketed from behind. Jaylen Brown completed an uncontested layup on the opposite finish to basically seal the deal.


    Boston has received 10 of the final 15 video games with the Pacers relationship again to the start of the 2016-17 NBA season.
    Indiana is looking for its first street win over the Celtics since Feb. 9, 2018.
    Pacers guard Jeremy Lamb and Celtics guard Kemba Walker each attended the College of Connecticut. They have been additionally teammates on the Charlotte Hornets from 2015-2019.


A restricted variety of tickets for all upcoming Pacers dwelling video games from January 24 by way of March 4 at the moment are on sale. Single Sport Tickets »   Well being & Security Tips »

Well being Screening

Coming to the sport? To make sure the screening course of is fast and seamless, followers should full the Ascension St. Vincent “Display & Go” on-line well being screening previous to arrival and present affirmation earlier than coming into the Fieldhouse. These with out sensible telephones should full the identical screening verbally previous to being allowed to enter. Adults accompanying younger kids shall be requested to reply screening questions on the youngsters’s behalf. Full Well being Screening »

Broadcast Info TV & Radio Listings »

TV: FOX Sports activities Indiana – Chris Denari (play-by-play), Quinn Buckner (analyst), Jeremiah Johnson (sideline reporter/host)
ESPN – Ryan Ruocco (play-by-play), Doris Burke (analyst), Cassidy Hubbarth (sideline reporter)
Radio: 93.5/107.5 The Fan – Mark Boyle (play-by-play), Pat Boylan (sideline reporter/host)
Please Observe: Inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Pacers radio broadcasts may be heard on 1080 AM as an alternative of 1070.

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