Spivochka Olya Polyakova lost her job and earnings

Spivochka Olya Polyakova lost her job and earnings

Spitch Olya Polyakova lost her job and earnings

Ukrainian match Olya Polyakova captivated the hearts of fans not only with her long legs, but with songs. Vaughn became the queen of the stage, so her crown is like a part of the stage costume.

Olzya Butko's lover shared her secret thoughts about those, how the war in Ukraine spilled on her that її sim'u, in which the mission of the artist is supposed to be at the war hour, what is she doing now, if the whole show business is gone without a job.

< p>Olya Polyakova's marriage ended without work and earnings

Olya Polyakova spoke about her financial camp sim'ї

Vіyna zmusila sim'yu spіvachki, like thousands of Ukrainian homelands, go home. Spivachka at once from her young daughter suddenly turned to Ukraine, and yet she met her fate at a number of favorable concerts. About those that the artist watched, if she turned to her native donkey, she spoke especially emotionally:

I went to my garden and I harvested raspberries, s'ila її and then I broke through, I burst into tears, more there is such beauty, there are stilki yagid, all my berries, this my house, this mattress, I worked everything here for myself.

My Masha entered London to the university, where she wanted the most. Vaughn wrote right there, wrote here.

The retinue of a millionaire is not welcome, but it is too expensive for them to learn from the London Vishi Koshtu. Aje pіd hіyni vіyni all artists are in fact left without a job. The accumulated pennies, it’s great to earn, to live with them, but a great plus for the fathers of Masha Polyakova was those that Ukrainian students are compared to English ones, and the two women have less money for education. Olya Polyakova is writing about her daughter, you can see it from the shining eyes of her partner.

< p>Behind the words of the sleeper, she’s glad that she turned home and still doesn’t get anywhere:

It’s not surprising, I’m calm in Ukraine. If you are far away, then you are constantly thinking there, scrolling through the news, worrying. In Kiev, regardless of worries, I feel calmer, even though I understand that everything is an illusion.