Spivachka Olya Polyakova impressed the shanuvalniks with a “crowned” cloth

Spivachka Olya Polyakova impressed the shanuvalniks with a “crowned” cloth

Popular matchmaker Olya Polyakova stunned chanuvalniks with “cryl”

Spivachka Olya Polyakova stunned the shanuvalniks with “crystal” cloth

The spivachka vdyadla for recording a new song “Mi from Ukraine” about tse won rose on the side of the social media instagram. Warto signify that she didn’t sleep herself, other popular Ukrainian spivaks came before her.

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The couple Olya Polyakova struck the shanuvalnik with “crylate” cloth

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Apparently, the marriage through a large-scale invasion at once with children flew to France. At the same time, they stink all at once there. Prote Olya respected that the girls really wanted to go home, especially the young donka. For that reason, she plans to turn to Ukraine and sleep at military hospitals.

And after successful tours, Olya took part in the joint project at the same time with smaller stars. The stench recorded a new song “We from Ukraine”.

“The song was created in order to sing an accompaniment and poshana, and to the fighting spirit of our people in this zhorstoky war #8221;, – Olya wrote in the comments before publication.

As you can see, Olya puts on a dressing gown. For the maiden, she took a long, tight-fitting cloth of blue and yellow colors. And the cape became the rodinka of the vbrannya. Under an hour of sleep Olya її rozkrivaє y out of the blue wing of a bird. And whoever thinks of a mermaid, even if there is a sea and rocks behind her.

Shanuvalniki in capturing Olya’s vіd vbrannya she wrote in the comments:

“Queen of Ukraine 🇺🇦 💙💛💙💛💙”, which in translation means “Queen of Ukraine”

“ Fuck you 😍🔥👏”