Spivachka Kamaliya turned with her children to Ukraine

Spivachka Kamaliya turned with her children to Ukraine

Spivachka Kamaliya turned her children to Ukraine

Spavachka Kamaliya is still on the cob the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation swung from the country to the UK. There she lived with her children at the front of London. Narazі vikonavitsa turned to the fatherland at once with the twins and the children first for six months succumbed to the grandmother.

Awesome video of Zustrichi Zirka posted on her Instagram.

Like Kamalia's mother slew an onuch

Mother Kamalia did not care for twin girls in rock. Arabella and Mirabela rushed to Grandma Nazustrich and won’t be able to stream tears.

“ wars in Ukraine”, – appointed by Kamaliya.

The dancers of the match responded to the video in the comments. The stinks wrote that the sight of a poached in them brings tears to the eyes.

  1. To tears!!! What happiness when all together! Peaceful sky to all of us and love!!! Take care of each other!
  2. How touching. To tears.. love.
  3. Early warm, wide and boisterous zustrіch. I want Ukraine to win, so that all relatives will be alive and well.
  4. Tears of joy.
  5. Such beautiful girls!
  6. Without tears, it is impossible to marvel at God!
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Guessing that Kamaliya on the 24th of the fierce stopped speaking Russian language and spit together only Ukrainian language.

Reference by Natalia Shmarenkova. Vaughn was born in the Sim’ї of the Radian Viysk Skhidny Siberia. Її man Zahoor virіs in Pakistan and joined there to the engineering college. At 19 years of age, I moved to Ukraine and started my own business.