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Spermageddon: discover this animated comedy that could compete with Vice-Versa

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Discover Spermageddon, a totally “What the fuck” animated film that could directly compete with Pixar, and more particularly the franchise < em>Vice-Versa.

Spermageddon: discover this animated comedy that could compete with Vice-Versa

What is Spermageddon?

Spermageddon is the new film by Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola. If his name doesn't mean anything to you, you've seen some of his films since it's a movie. him who we owe in particular Dead Snow 2 (2014), Seven Sisters (2017) or the recent Violent Night (2022). He will soon be back with his first animated film: Spermageddon.

Spermageddon : discover this animated comedy that could compete with Vice-Versa

The project does not yet have a release date, but Spermageddon will focus on the beginning of life. Animated comedy, the feature film will depict the race for life of the spermatozoa who all strive to fertilize the single egg. A quest strewn with pitfalls, at every turn. through which there is only one winner.

A direct competitor to the winner. vice-versa

Rest assured, everything will not happen just like that. inside the human body. Spermageddon will also feature two teenagers, Jens and Lisa, who discover the joys of first sex. res sexual relations. The film goes in parallel with this budding love story, depicting the frantic race of Simon, Jens's sperm, the search for Lisa’s egg. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tommy Wirkola explained: that he had been easier for him to produce Spermageddon directly in Norway, rather than in Norway. Hollywood:

The pitch was a bit like “Cannonball with sperm”. I first tried to set up this project in the United States, and I had a lot of fun encounters, a lot of laughs, but at the same time. Every time we moved up the hierarchy, there was always an executive who would break the mood and say: “No, we won't do that, and we won't go into that.” “. So I turned to towards Norway, where There are really no creative and artistic restrictions, where there is no restriction. no one comes to tell you that it's too much.

Spermageddon has been presented for the first time this week at the Annecy Festival. Tommy Wirkola also specified that that it wasn't a heavy-handed, filthy comedy like Sausage Party, but that he had imagined this film for his two children, Luca and Louis, drawing further inspiration from Vice-Versa.

< source srcset="" type="image/webp">Spermageddon: discover this animated comedy that could compete with Vice-Versa

The film is still aiming for a PG-13 rating, at least in Scandinavia. In addition to being an animated film in the vein of Vice-Versa,  Spermageddon will also be a musical comedy:

It wasn't the basic project, but with my screenwriters Geir Vegar Hoel and Jesper Sundnes we found something. some songs. I didn’t have the desire to do a musical, but when we started it’s one. à getting close to it, I loved it! the exercise, and it became something central in the development of the project. And ultimately, the singing and dancing became my favorite parts of the film.

Currently, Spermageddon is still playing. the search for an American distributor. With his unconventional themes, Tommy Wirkola admits his curiosity about as for the rating of the MPAA :

I am very curious to see what classification the film will have in the USA. It's a cute story, sure, but at the same time, it has daring themes that most American animated films don't have.

< p>Spermageddon does not yet have a release date, neither in Norway nor abroad. internationally.

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