Spend the winter with warm hands with these Quebec rechargeable heated gloves

Spend the winter with warm hands with these Quebec rechargeable heated gloves

Jackets aren’t the only rechargeable heated products to be designed by Montreal-based company ewool. The company also offers a glove liner that we can wear alone, or under our mittens to keep us warm.

In addition to the power of its battery, the ewool liners are certified waterproof and very easy to start, in addition to being made of a stretchable material, perfect for carrying out any task without feeling cold.

Since the liner is snug, it can be used alone or under mittens depending on the temperature.

Technology different from other products

In winter, we may be warmly dressed, if our hands are cold, any outing quickly becomes unpleasant. What we need are gloves that warm us and protect us from the outside.

Precisely, ewool offers us a thin liner, but efficiently heated and rechargeable. We wear it as a simple pair of gloves when the weather is warmer, or even under thicker mittens when it is very cold.

Its particularity is the way it warms each hand. Unlike another company’s product, the heating elements in ewool’s liners wrap around the hand and individual finger rather than focusing on the palm.

As a result, when you put them on under a pair of mittens during very cold weather, the linings provide up to 30% more warmth than if you weren’t wearing them.

The warming effect is more subtle when used as a glove guide, but for cooler and drier temperatures, it does the job more than enough. In addition, the product works with touch screens, so your hands are warm at all times.

On the other hand, if there is something to note, it is the size of the battery, located at the level of the wrist. While not uncomfortable, it is still a considerable size, making it impossible to wear the ewool liners with a dressier coat that doesn’t offer a luffy wrist.

Spend the winter with warm hands with these Quebec rechargeable heated gloves

Unlike other similar products, ewool liners heat up all around the hand.

A high-end product proudly from here

Ewool is proud to be a 100% Quebec company and claims to manufacture the most powerful heating accessories in the world.

We are far from cheap clothes and not surprisingly, we must be ready to pay the price to get the famous linings.

We buy them online on their website for $ 329. The price includes two gloves, two batteries and the charger.

Besides, this one is made to last all day.The charging port is very easy to access, so no need to remove the battery, except before washing them.

More info and buy ewool heated glove liners online

This 100% Quebec heated and rechargeable jacket that keeps you warm all winter long


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