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Specialists told how you can find out that your phone number is on the “black list”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Specialists told how you can find out that your phone number is on the "black list"

If a device is blacklisted, it is either because the phone has been reported as lost or stolen, or there is an unpaid balance on its account.

You may be blacklisted phone , i.e. the device itself or smartphone number.

This works through a numeric identifier that most phones call the International Mobile Equipment Identification Number, or IMEI.

If the phone doesn't have an IMEI, it's more likely after all, it has an alternative number called an Electronic Serial Number or ESN.

When the phone is turned on and connected to the network, the IMEI is transmitted to the carrier, who then checks the cell phone blacklist.

If the phone is blacklisted, it will not be able to connect to the network at all. If the IMEI is verified, calls can be made and received as normal.

You can find out if your phone is blacklisted by running your number through the blacklist checker or by calling the operator.

If a phone number is blacklisted, it means that this number is making unwanted or spam calls.

Calls from this number will be blocked or sent directly to voicemail either by the recipient's carrier or by a third party application.

How do I check if my phone is blacklisted?

To search, you will need the IMEI number of your device, which can often be found under &laquo “About the program” settings of your device, on its SIM card tray or on the back of the phone.

It is important to remember that this search only shows registered devices and changing the status of a blacklisted device in the database may last a few days.

Can you remove the phone from the blacklist?

Depending on why and when the phone was blacklisted, you can remove him. You will need to contact your carrier to see if this is possible with your phone.

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