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Specialists told how they can listen to a smartphone without hacking

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

Specialists said, how can they listen to a smartphone without hacking

With the development of technology, it has become even more difficult to detect the tapping of smartphones, because there may not be such signs as crackling, rustling and other extraneous sounds.< /p>

Now, attackers don't even have to hack the phone to eavesdrop.

According to experts, when a smartphone is hacked, attackers can gain full or partial remote access to the device and, accordingly, receive information from messengers , mail, social network. And also record keyboard input or make audio recordings.

When listening, attackers intercept mobile traffic or gain access through the operator's infrastructure. Experts warn that when it comes to interception of mobile traffic or eavesdropping by a mobile operator, the only advice is to keep quiet. That is, do not say anything important during a conversation on a mobile phone and do not write in SMS.

However, in order to gain access to messengers, scoundrels mostly infect smartphones with malicious software that gains access to the device, including correspondence and calls in the messenger, or get physical access to the device.

Experts consider reliable messengers of European or American development with end-to-end encryption, for example, Signal or WhatsApp.

Also security check applications – EAGLE Security FREE, Android IMSI-Catcher Detector, CatcherCatcher, Darshak will help check the smartphone for wiretapping.

You can run them and check if there is no access to your conversations, messages, camera.< /p>

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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