Sparta will try to return to the top of the table against Slovakia

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Sparta will try to return to the top of the table against Slovakia

Illustration photo – 14th round of the first football league Sparta Prague – 1. FC Slovácko, November 9, 2022, Prague. From left, Lukáš Sadílek from Sparta, Ondřej Mihálik from Slovácko and Filip Panák from Sparta.

Prague – The eighth round of the first football league will be played today after the international break with three matches. The defending champions from Sparta Prague will welcome fourth-placed Slovácko from 18:00 and will strive to return to the top of the table, from which they were ousted by their rivals from Slavia after Saturday's 1-0 win in Pardubice. In the top competition, Leten beat Slovácko in only one of the last four matches.

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There are two matches on the program from 15:00. Pilsen will play in Zlín, which is led by former Viktoria coach Pavel Vrba. Jablonec will host Liberec in the Podještěd derby.

Statistical data before the matches of the 8th round of the first football league:

FC Zlín (15-16) – Viktoria Plzeň (5)

Kick-off: Sunday, September 17, 15:00.

Referees: Hocek – Matoušek, Kotalík – Adámková (video).

Balance: 32 8-6-18 26:52.


Last match: 0:4.

Expected lineups:

Zlín: Rakovan – Cedidla, Simerský, Didiba, Reiter – Černín – Vukadinovič, Janetzký, Tkáč, Slončík – Fantiš.

Pilsen: Staněk – Hejda, Hranáč, Dweh – Kopic, Bucha, Kalvach, Traoré, Cadu – Chorý, Durosinmi.

Absence: Dostál – Havel, Pernica (all injured), Sýkora (uncertain start).< /p>

Disciplinary threats: none – none.

Best scorers: Tkáč (2) – Bucha, Šulc (both 3).

Interesting points:


– Plzeň has beaten Zlín 5 times in a row and lost only one of the last 13 head-to-head matches in the top competition

– Pilsen has lost only one of the last 8 league matches in Zlín

– Zlín has won the only one of the last 8 league duels

– Zlín has not lost 2 times in a row at home in the league and won all 4 points there in the season

– Zlín has 5 goals together with Bohemians 1905 , Jablonec and Pardubice the worst attack in the league

– Pilsen won 4 times in a row in the league and won in the last 9 competitive matches

– Pilsen won 2 of the last 3 away league matches

– Plzeň has a postponed match in M. Boleslav for good measure

– Zlín coach Vrba led Plzeň twice in the past and won 3 league titles with it

– Janetzký (Zlín) can claim his 150th league start

– Traoré (Pilsen), who played for Zlín, will celebrate his 35th birthday the day before the match

FK Jablonec ( 15.-16.) – Slovan Liberec (10.)

Kick-off: Sunday, September 17, 3:00 p.m.

Referee: Berka – Pečenka, Vyhnanovský – Kocourek (video).

Balance: 60 15-18-27 55:80.

Last match: 1:1.

Predicted lineups :

Jablonec: Hanuš – Slávik, Tekijaški, Hurtado, Polidar – Hübschman, F. Souček – Čanturišvili, Kratochvíl, Jovović – Drchal.

Liberec: Vliegen – Mikula, Chaluš, Prebsl – Ghali, Doumbia, Žambůrek, Cerv , Preisler – Kulenovič, Tupta.

Absence: none – Purzitidis (penalty for ČK), Plechatý, Višinský (both injuries), Frýdek (uncertain start).

Disciplinary threat: Hurtado , F. Souček – Červ, Prebsl (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Kratochvíl – Frýdek (both 2).

Interesting points:

– Liberec has not lost 4 times in a row in the league with Jablonec

– Jablonec won the only one of the last 5 home league duels with Liberec

– Jablonec was the only one not to win in the opening 7 rounds and did not win 9 games in a row in the league

– Jablonec due to the reconstruction of the lawn only the third time in the league season they will play at home, where they have not won 3 times in a row

– Jablonec is the draw “king” of the competition with 4 tied results

– Jablonec has together with Bohemians 1905, Pardubice and Zlín with 5 goals the worst attack in the league

– During the international break, Jablonec won the home cup at Admira Prague 5:1 and got their first competitive win under coach Látal

– Liberec won only one of the last 6 rounds and lost twice in a row in the league


– Liberec has not won away in 3 matches this league season

– Liberec coach Kozel led Jablonec last time

– F. Souček (Jablonec) will celebrate the day after the match 23 . birthday, Rabušic (Liberec) will be 34 years old on the day of the match

– Polidar (Jablonec) can claim his 100th league start, Doumbia (Liberec) can jump into his 50th game in the Czech top flight

Sparta Prague (1st) – 1. FC Slovácko (4 .)

Kick-off: Sunday, September 17, 18:00.

Referee: Všetečka – Nádvorník, Kubr – Machálek (video).

Balance: 44 30-5-9 78:36.

Last match: 0:0.

Predicted lineups:

Sparta: Vindahl – Sörensen, Panák, Krejčí – Wiesner, Kairinen, Sadílek, Zelený – Kuchta, Haraslín – Olatunji.

Slovakia: Heča – Reinberk, Hofmann, Kadlec, Kalabiška – Trávník, Havlík – Petržela, Valenta, Holzer – Vecheta.

Absence: Karabec (penalty for ČK), Laci, Mejdr (both uncertain start) – Daníček , Kohút (both injured).

Disciplinary threats: none – none.

Best scorers: Haraslín (5) – Havlík, Kalabiška (both 2).

Interesting facts:

– Sparta lost only one of the last 5 mutual league matches, but only drew with Slovácko twice in a row (each time away)

– Sparta has won 3 of the last 4 home league duels with Slovácko

– Sparta has not lost in the 7 rounds so far (including 6 victories) and has not scored in a single one of the last 29 league duels

– Sparta lost only one of the last 20 matches at home in the league and won all 3 matches there this season in the top competition

– Sparta has the best league attack with 19 goals

– Slovácko in the league 4 times in a row undefeated (including 3 wins)

– Slovácko has lost only one of the last 6 matches away from home in the league and has not conceded in the top 3 matches so far this season

– the injured Daníček (Slovacko) is waiting for his 300th league start /p>

Coaches' votes:

FC Zlín (15.-16.) – Viktoria Plzeň (5.)

Pavel Vrba (Zlín): “The entry into the competition didn't go quite as we expected, on the other hand, we had tough opponents. Now we have another tough match ahead of us, probably like when you play Sparta or Slavia. Plzeň regularly plays for the title or cup standings, it's certainly an opponent who is one of the favorites in the league. It's certainly a slightly different match for me, because I've been in Pilsen for some time, I know a lot of people in the club. But today I'm in Zlín and of course I want to succeed with him.”

Miroslav Koubek (Plzeň): “The Zlín team has its potential, I think it is improving and will continue to improve. For me, it is not at all a candidate for relegation, over the summer I notice progress in the development of the team under the leadership of Pavel Vrba. The home team will be very combative and determined, they will probably be more active defensively. We may dominate the opponent's block in certain passages of the game, but we have to be very careful about their very good fast breaks. I believe that even though Zlín is improving a lot, the quality is still our side and we will confirm it.”

FK Jablonec (15-16) – Slovan Liberec (10)

Radoslav Látal (Jablonec): “It's our third home match after a difficult draw and you can say that again with a difficult opponent. We had Sparta and Slavia here and now we have a derby waiting for us. When I was a player, I always liked derbies, it's something extra. We take into account not only the fact that it's a derby, but that it's also an important match for us from the point of view of points gain.”

Luboš Kozel (Liberec): “I'm already active in Liberec that Friday and I know how important this game is to the fans. We realize that and I believe it will show on the pitch. The mood is fighting. I can feel from the players in training that they are aware of the approaching derby and they will not underestimate anything. I believe that it will turn out well.”

Sparta Prague (1st) – 1. FC Slovácko (4th)

Lars Friis (Sparta assistant coach): “Slovácko is a quality team, they are doing well this season. They are among the best teams in the league, they are strong. They have made great progress physically, they are playing very intensely. It will be a very interesting match on Sunday.”

Luboš Přibyl (goalkeeper coach of Slovácko): “Sparta is a very difficult opponent. Especially at home, they are very strong, they score a lot of goals. It will be a slightly different level than the other matches. But every match starts 0:0, and in the past we were also able to win there solid matches, we even managed to win there. So why not try again? I think it will be important to keep a clean sheet for as long as possible.”


< td>16:4

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1. Slavia 8 7 1 0 22
2. Sparta 7 1 0 19:5 19
3. Olomouc 8 6 0 2 15:8 18
4. Slovakia 7 4 2 1 9:5 14
5. Pilsen 6 4 1 1 13:6 13
6. Mladá Boleslav 7 3 2 2 14:10 11
7. Ostrava 8 3 2 3 9:8 11
8. Teplice 8 3 2 3 7:7 11
9. Bohemians 1905 8 3 1 4 6:10 10
10. Liberec 7 2 2 3 7:9 8
11. Hradec Králové 8 2 1 5< /td>

11:16 7
12. Pardubice 8< /td>

2 1 5 5:10 7
13. České Budějovice 8 2 0 6 11:22 6
14. Jablonec nad Nisou 7 0 4 3 5:12 4
Zlín 7 1 1 5 5:12 4
16. Karviná 8 1 1 6 10:18 4