Spanish Prosecutor's Office Vimaga 8-Richny Shakiri

Spanish Prosecutor's Office Vimaga 8-Richny Shakiri

Spanish prosecutor's office has an 8-fold grading of Shakira

Shakira can buti was sentenced to 8 years of uv & # 8217;

Reuters writes about it.

Spanish prosecutor's office asked for a fine of 23 million euros (approximately 857 million hryvnias) for the artist for the last year ,5 million euros.

The marriage itself is such a lawyer

An hour before the new announcement of the Spanish prosecutor's office, the Colombian celebrity made a proposition to close the right about shakhraiism, and it sounds like non-payment of taxes from 2014 to 2012. How the marriage itself is appointed by those її representatives, for the time being Shakira did not live in Spain, but її the official residence was settled in the Bahamas. the prosecutor's office for the regulation of the call. Adzhe, for the tribute of the prosecutor's office, Shakira deceived the Spanish order for 14.5 million euros, without paying taxes for her duties.

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Spivachka “believing her innocence and depriving the chain of custody in the hands of the law”, is found in the statement of the PR-company Llorente y Cuenca.

Representatives of Shakira they said that she brought in a sum, as if, apparently, she was a vinna, at the tax administration of Spain, then obviously the artist does not have outstanding tax credits.