Spanish Defense Minister predicts Russia's 'long and hard' war with Ukraine

Spanish Defense Minister predicts Russia's 'long and hard' war with Ukraine

Spanish defense minister predicts 'long and hard' war between Russia and Ukraine

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Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles, during a visit to the air force base in Albacete, said that Russia may again try to attack Kyiv, reports BBC.

She said that the theater of war has changed, referring to the current concentration of fighting in eastern Ukraine.

“But intelligence agencies around the world are warning that Putin's attacks on Kyiv or any other part of Ukraine may resume”,

em > – she said.

Robles reaffirmed that the Russian government will no doubt use natural gas as a weapon of war and called for solidarity and unity in the EU.

Energy saving measures have already been taken in Spain, in including blackouts in shops and public buildings after 22:00 and more economical use of heating and air conditioning systems.

“The forecast is that it will be a long, hard and brutal war, like war 20 century, such as World War I or World War II,” she said.

war in the 21st century.

Robles also said that Ukraine wants to buy new modern tanks in Spain and other countries, and that Madrid has already offered to teach Ukrainian soldiers how to use this equipment.

Robles noted that four Spanish “Eurofighters” flew from the Llanos base in Albacete to Estonia. She called the dispatch of fighters a containment mission, stressing that the purpose of this step – warn against escalation. The Spanish Air Force is in no way going to interfere in this conflict, the Minister of Defense assured.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga