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Spain wants to buy thousands of RPGs for its military

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Spain wants to buy thousands of RPGs for its army

The Spanish army replenishes its stocks taking into account the weapons sent to Ukraine as part of defense aid

Spain concluded one of of the largest contracts in recent years for disposable rocket launchers as part of purchases to replenish own stocks — Instalaza received a two-year contract for the supply of C90 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers for the Spanish army in order to increase the firepower of units against armored vehicles.

In total, the agreement provides for the purchase of 13,600 RPGs, 6,800 per year, or an average of more than 560 per month, as reported by Infodefense. There is also an option to extend the contract for another two years.

Thousands of RPGs will cost the Spanish army 40.5 million euros, that is, in a rough calculation (because we are talking about different versions) up to 3,000 euros for one grenade launcher.

It is noted that the weapons will be supplied in various modifications (anti-tank, anti-bunker, etc.), in particular, there will be 1,000 units of training versions, as well as a small batch of 40 RPGs will go to the aerospace forces.

Instaplaza positions its C90 as the “lightest infantry weapons system in its class”, the grenade launcher can be equipped with a VN38-C night vision device to ensure operation in the dark.

Weight — 5.3 kg, length 940 mm, effective firing range is 350 meters, maximum — 700 m.

We remind you that RPG S90 is also in service with the Defense Forces of Ukraine, in particular, researchers from Oryx recorded the delivery of 1,370 units of this weapon as of May 2023.

Natasha Kumar

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