Spain: hub for Parking and maintenance of aircraft

Испания: хаб для стоянки и обслуживания самолётов

Unusual airport in the East of Spain during a pandemic coronavirus has not exited. Vozdushnaya Gavan “Teruel” serves no passengers, and aircraft. This is one of the largest centres in Europe, providing service to the aviation industry. Here is the biggest on contente Parking for aircraft.

Director of the airport “Teruel” Alejandro Ibrahim says: “the Amount of services that we provide to our clients, and that airlines and leasing companies, increased as the need arose in long-term placement of aircraft in the Parking lot and maintenance”.

At the flying field today, parked about a hundred aircraft, including nine Airbus A380. A number of the aircraft here is for the first time since opening in 2013. In the client list of the airport “Teruel” companies such as Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, Iberia, Avianca, Etihad and China Eastern.

Manager airfield Pedro Saez says: “Aircraft are not used, but need constant maintenance, so they come to us in the Parking lot, while everyone is waiting for the development of the situation on the market.”

This year, the profit of the airport “Teruel” will increase at least 24%. The cost of accommodation is much lower than in other major commercial airports.

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