Spain and Finland are committed to expediting military aid to Ukraine

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Spain and Finland are committed to expediting military aid to Ukraine

Pedro Sá nchez and Sanna Marin exhibited their tune in Helsinki this Friday. The Spanish president and the Finnish prime minister, both Social Democrats, have different visions on matters of such depth as immigration and the depth of European fundsrecovery, but they agree on the importance of strengthening the Welfare State and combating climate change, as well as as well as in the attitude that must be maintained before the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The war unleashed by Vladimir Putin centered the world. their joint appearance, within the second European tour carried out by the leader of the PSOE to prepare the Spanish presidency of the EU, which will begin in September. It will be next July and it will last until the end of the year. until the end of the year. Both leaders agreed on the need to expand and expedite the shipment of armsto Ukraine.

Military aid to the country led by Volodímir Zelenski puts pressure on the Spanish government coalition. The minority partner, Unidas Podemos, does not share this strategy, but Sánchez has made it clear since he started the project. the invasion, more than a year ago, that the Foreign and Defense policy corresponds exclusively to him, so he acts as if the critiques of the purples are hardly relevant. 

“It is important that we accelerate the dispatch of military capabilities to Ukraine”, said Sánchez, who recalled the The next European Council, which will have taking place in Brussels on March 23 and 24, will address the the “joint purchase of ammunition and artillery”, so that from now on they are “faster” supplies. “What has to be made clear to Putin is that European unity and in NATO is total, categorical. We are going to support Ukraine until the last Russian soldier has left the country,” the socialist leader. 

Kilometers of the border

Finland feels the war much closer than Spain. It is the EU country with a The longer border with Russia (1,340 km) was created, and Putin's invasion led to a slew of war. This led him to leave behind his traditional policy of non-alignment and request, together with Sweden, to join NATO. “We need common efforts. We can be happy in terms of cooperation and coordination in aid with tanks and training. Soon we will talk about air defense.We need to cooperate more widely. Ukraine needs us. The EU is willing to impose stronger sanctions. We have to support the Ukrainians with all possible measures and try to influence all partners in the world to condemn Russia. It's not just about Ukraine, it's not just about Europe, it's about the international system based on rules,”, Manin said.

Until now, Sánchez has not so clearly supported the hypothetical sending of fighters to Ukraine, something that Zelenski insistently claims. But last week, during his visit to kyiv to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart, the Spanish president opened a meeting with him. He opened the door to this initiative, emphasizing that the decision should in any case be taken within NATO. 

As far as there is no difference Among the speeches by Sánchez and Manin is the need for Finland, like Sweden, to join the military alliance. One day after the Finnish Parliament approved that income, Sánchez showed that he was not. your unequivocal support. “It is avery relevant step. It means many things: aligning in defense, freedom and justice. NATO does not exist against anyone. Their sole objective is to protect our citizens and our democracies from a serious threat. I am confident that they will soon be able to become members of the alliance,” He asked him to fulfill his commitment and stop blocking the entry of the two Nordic countries into the military alliance.

Manin, at his side, thanked the two Nordic countries. the backup. “The entry of Finland and Sweden protects the security of NATO as a whole. Military non-alignment no longer serves our security,” he said.