SpaceX to launch third constellation of Starlink internet satellites in a month on January 29

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SpaceX will launch the third group of Starlink internet satellites in a month on January 29

Photo: Steve Nesius/Reuters

A Falcon 9 launch vehicle will launch 49 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit on Sunday, January 29. This was announced by the company-developer SpaceX.

It is noted that the launch will be carried out from the launch pad SLC-4E at US Space Force Base Vandenberg in California at 08.47 Pacific Coast time in the USA ( at 18.47 Kyiv time).

This will be the s s s s 71st sending of mini-satellites into orbit since May 2019 and the third in January. To date SpaceX has already launched almost 3.8 thousand of these satellites, some of the bottoms have stopped working or have gone out of orbit. So far, about 3.5 thousand devices remain in  space in working condition.

BAGNET reminds, on January 16 it was reported that SpaceX launched a super-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket into orbit with secret military cargo. The USSF-67 mission launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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