SpaceX launched a German military satellite into orbit

SpaceX launched a German military satellite into orbit

SpaceX placed a German military satellite into orbit >

The Falcon 9 rocket of the company SpaceX Elon Musk 19 rocket launched into orbit the satellite SARah-1 for the needs of the German military.

​SARah-1 – the satellite of the radar satellite , split by the Airbus company for the construction of the Ministry of Defense of Nymechchini. Vіn equipping an active radar with phased arrays and a large number of antenna elements, ceramic coating of electronics, which ensures safe scanning and increases the accuracy of direction finding of radio industry, supporting TASS.

SpaceX placed the German military satellite into orbit


Two more satellites SARah-2 and SARah-3, expanded by OHB-System, are going into orbit this year. Stinks carry parabolic antennas with a passive reflector and use SARah-1 to increase the size of the living space.

Seen from the best optical satellites, satellites of radar detection, like SARah, can show the Earth for whatever the weather wit that illumination.

SpaceX launched a German military satellite into orbit

Satellites SARah

Three times”Sarah” replace 5 German deploying satellites in the SAR-Lupe system, which were placed into-orbit in 2006-2008.

sklo") building image in spotlight mode (focusing on one target), curved over an area of ​​5.5 x 5.5 km with a split building up to 0.5 meters.

BAGNET I guess that in the middle of April the company SpaceX launched into orbit a black satellite-spy gun for the exploration of the United States, and a Russian satellite, launched by the Russians at nothing on April 30, "died" in orbit.

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