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SpaceX has more than 100 cellular-enabled Starlink satellites in orbit

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

SpaceX has more than 100 cellular-enabled Starlink satellites in orbit

The SpaceX company has made significant progress in implementing its mission of deploying a satellite group capable of connecting unmodified smartphones to the Internet. Currently, there are more than a hundred such Starlink satellites in orbit.

Expanding satellite capabilities

On its latest mission, SpaceX successfully launched another batch of Starlink satellites, 13 of which are equipped with technology internet of mobile communication devices. These satellites can support the transmission of messages, voice and data directly to standard smartphones.

This initiative began in January, and the total number of these modern satellites has already reached 103. SpaceX senior director Sarah Spangelo announced that several hundred more satellites are expected to be launched by the end of the year.

Service to be ready by fall

The pace of deployment is increasing to ensure that the constellation is ready to serve T-Mobile customers in the US by the fall. SpaceX vice president of engineering Michael Nichols said last month that about 300 satellites would be needed to provide reliable coverage.

In June, SpaceX provided the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with an update on its progress, noting that live tests of the cellular system had met or exceeded all targets. During these tests, incoming communication speeds reached 17 Mbps, and Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, and Google Pixel devices successfully connected to the satellites.

Despite these advances, SpaceX is still awaiting FCC approval to to offer communication services to T-Mobile subscribers. The cost of these services has not yet been disclosed. The potential benefits, however, are significant, especially for bringing high-speed Internet access to rural and remote areas where land-based networks are inadequate or unavailable.

SpaceX plans to start with text messaging services and expand by 2025 the field of services, including voice communication and data transmission. The company faces competition from AST SpaceMobile and Globalstar, the latter of which has partnered with Apple to offer similar satellite communications services.

Natasha Kumar

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